So Many Friendships, So Little Time

I have so many friendship campaigns to play i done, but i don’t where to start. But another problem us that there are a whole bunch of friendships yet to be unlock, that i don’t know which to to unlock first. Which leaves me in a serious predicament: Do i unlock more friendships or continue with the campaign i all ready have? Either way, which friendship do i start with or unlock first?

Unlock friendships for heroes you frequently use, there’s no point wasting resources on a friendship campaign for your weakest hero :man_shrugging:.


U need to prioritise and target certain disks that are useful to the heroes u frequently use.

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You sound no smarter by repeating what someone else said in a more mundane way :unamused:.


What if i go alphabetical order and upgrade heroes of a specific episode?

How will that help?

Well it’s easy to keep track of your heroes rather than searching for them. You might lose them among the other heroes you mught have as they rise to power.

@Fellow_Spooklet Is right.
The Profit of this ll be the probability / chance of getting Memory tokens will be higher if u just unlock friendship of heroes you use

It may not work. There’s this function where you can like and put a heart to certain friendships and you can clear those disks that you don’t want

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