So, Reinfected areas

What happened to them? In case you don’t know what they were, they were just what they sound like, levels in the campaign you previously completed that become reinfected. Clearing Reinfected areas were a way to get Friendship disc power. But a couple years ago, probably before the game was 2 years old, I noticed that Reinfected areas just seemed to stop happening altogether. Was there a reason for their apparent removal?

They were removed long ago… I forgot why, but yeah, they’re gone…


Probably because they were deemed “useless”

I think there were a lot of complaints about being locked out of a level because the reinfection made it too differcult for some players to clear.


It’s because that infected levels were getting harder and harder for players to clear so Perblue removed them. If you ask me, I definitely was relieved that they were removed. Because if they didn’t, I’d quit the game long ago. Now look at me, now I’m getting more powerful than the levels! :sweat_smile:


Reinfected enemy’s level decreased by 1 after each lose, so it wasn’t hard.

And it was great way to get disk power.
Was removed because new friendship system and that new mission system was supposed to give more disk power, what a bunch of lies.

And what is weird… it still works if you have Virus.


Idk. But it is gone for some time, I didn’t know anything about this until it was mentioned

Thx for the feedback guys. Apparently they were removed because either the enemies can get to difficult to fight against or they were useless because of the Friendship missions. And that if you have AntiVirus things left over, they still appear. You can probably find the truth reason for their removal in some old patch notes, but you would have to look hard

Darn it, seeing those makes me feel old for some reason… :sweat_smile:

Some people on server 2 are reporting that they’re seeing them again, for some unknown reason.

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