So, the new loading screen

Its great :+1:


I love it so much! I wish I could make it my wallpaper


Love it but a little badly drawn or its the colour scheme

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At first I thought the new update had bo peep cause she on it but it was there so they don’t have to add it when she comes

On another topic Polaris hinted she wasn’t ready for this update

It was Kim that Polaris was hinting at, not bo.

Wow another swing in character or supersuit? There should be a collection for heroes who jump into the creeps lines

The new loading screen is lit.
(Pun intended)


That’s not a pun it’s just cringe…

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Its just a joke.

Vee is adorable!

Uhh, who is Vee??

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Vanellope. Of course.

It’s my wall paper screen shot of

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Nice mc pun

Hmmm let’s see how many days ago this was…yeah yeah…6 days ago…why post here and open up an old thread!

Take a photo of it and boom done

This thread didn’t need to be revived.