SOLDIER, First Class (FFVII Series #1)

Hello! I’m starting a concept series based on Final Fantasy 7 (or just FF in general) since I just started playing the remake on my PS4. So, of course to start off, here’s Cloud!

Cloud Strife

“You’re out of luck.*

As a former member of an elite paramilitary group called SOLDIER, Cloud Strife will brew a storm (albeit not literally) on the battlefield, ready to protect his team from dangers that ever pass him.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Descends from the sky and catches the Buster Sword with a flourish.
Victory: Twists his Buster Sword
Defeat: Drops his sword in shame
Attack: Slashes enemies with the Buster Sword

White Skill: Limit Break (Fantastic Damage)

Passive: Cloud will start battle in Operator Mode. This stance allows Cloud to dodge 75% of the attacks and debuffs against him. When he uses “Limit Break” he will switch to Punisher Mode. This will lower his dodge chance to 25% and slow his movement speed by 20%, but increase his basic damage by 150% and increase his Normal and Fantastic Crit by 100%. When he uses “Limit Break” again he will switch back to Operator Mode.

Active: Cloud’s Limit will be broken and he will preform a cross-slash that carves an ominous symbol onto the closest enemy, dealing Y damage per slash. The last slash will deal twice the damage of the other two. After this, Cloud will switch stances.

Green Skill: Focused Thrust (Fantastic Damage)

Cloud lunges towards the Most Wanted enemy with a piercing strike, dealing X damage and stuns them for 10 seconds. While the enemy is stunned they receive 5 stacks of Weakness.

Cloud can target invisible enemies with this skill and the stun cannot be dodged or evaded. Applying stacks of Weakness has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Blue Skill: Triple Slash (Fantastic Damage)

Cloud will slash three select enemies in a quick succession, dealing X damage per slash and bonus damage equal to a critical strike. Each slash deals 50% more damage with each blow.

The enemies that Cloud targets with this skill are the enemy with the Most HP, then with the Most Skill Power, and then the Most Wanted enemy in that order.

Purple Skill: Counterstance (Normal Damage)

Every 5 times Cloud dodges an attack, he will retaliate with a powerful attack at the enemy who attempted to attack him, dealing Y damage and stuns them for 7 seconds.

Red Skill: Braver Buster

Cloud will prefer to target stunned enemies with his skills and will deal 50% of the damage as splash damage to nearby enemies.

When Cloud falls below 50% of his Max HP, his attack speed will increase by 150%, increase his armor and reality by 100%, and become energized for the rest of the wave. When Cloud is energized by this skill he gains 100 extra energy per basic attack.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Armor
+Z Skill Power
+Z Reality Negation

Friendship Disks:

Cloud-Captain Amelia
First Class Pass
Boost Team Stuns
+Z Max HP to Cloud and Frontline Allies
+Z Basic Damage for the rest of the wave whenever an enemy is stunned.

  • Allies deal Z bonus damage to stunned enemies.
  • Stuns by allies last 20% (+20 per star level) longer.

Cloud-Honey Lemon
Materia Research
Improved Stance Effects
+Z Armor and Z Reality to Cloud and allies while in Punisher Mode
+Z Skill Power to allies while Cloud is in Operator Mode

  • Operator Mode: Cloud’s allies gain 15% (+15 per star level) chance to dodge debuffs
  • Punisher Mode: Cloud and the ally with the Most HP gain Reflect for 6 seconds. Units with this reflect heal 12% (+12 per star level) of the damage reflected.


Requirement to charge: 5 dodges are performed
Stat Buff: +Z Basic Damage
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Armor per Tank role ally
Effect Buff: Self Invincibility for 5 seconds


The game is amazing! I main Cloud in SSBU. Great concept!

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