Sólo es una pregunta?


Hi, I don’t speak English but for me to understand some I used Google translator.

My question is this: Why doesn’t Flynn purge the charm? I’ve read many forums where they talk about Flynn’s skills, many saying that his purple skill is making him immune to the disabled, and that his white skill removes the disabled.

However, I use it and many times, her white skill debug effects such as scare, hexes, and slowdown, which agrees with her description as she says that “cleanses negative states”.

So if the negative state effects are: Slow down, scares, study, curses among others, because it also cleans stunned and freezing. If according to EVE those are deactivations.


Welcome to forums buddy and also good job on using Google translate! The Flynn powers you’re talking about may be of no effect if an enemy may even be above his level or his skill level this may happen with other heroes too.


Yes, I understand that it can fail with higher levels. But I speak of a context where my level 70 hero can not clean the charms set by enemies of the same level or inferior. He can clean freezes and stuns, but not charms. And I don’t understand why it happens, I should clean everything and I’ve tried it.


Flynn has been a controversial hero so far but if you going against a same level enemy it really doesn’t work most times but level his skills.


Have no clue why. By all means he should be able to. EVE definitely deals double damage against charmed enemies, which makes it a disable. I’m assuming you have tried it more than once. It does have a chance to fail depending on the level of the enemy giving the charm. But if you have tried it many times, then I don’t know why.
What hero was giving out the charm? Nick and Tia’s are unavoidable, but even others have a chance to fail. I have no programming background, so I dont know if these are both classified as Disables or if Nick and Tia’s weren’t coded as a disable? There was some bug with Frozone a long time ago where his freezes weren’t being removed. Don’t know if it it similar. I have never had this problem. If you have replays, send them in as proof.