Solved;Rule blocks it 😅: Baymax Ol disc isn’t working

Already reported it. I really wonder why nobody is recognizing it.

Next problem the Hades on defence under current rules are still too powerful and delay every battle so you only can get around 1000 points.

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The rule for division 5 is that Freeze effects are blocked.


Yeah, cool, but why Baymax dealt no damage on the entrance?

Same goes to Quorra.

I’ll look into that.


Same as all entry skills. Mulan, Gonzo aren’t doing anything as well.
Secondly I fear the new rule only removes attackers memory discs but the defending teams still have them. Rules afflict always both sides.

It blocks all disks, attacker and defender. There is an issue where energy can still be granted at the start by disks, so the team is investigating.

Colette Tron and Mulan gather energy too fast for example yes

I assume that the errors with the discs will be fixed on Tuesday with a fix, right?
Tron, Collette, Goliath and Mulan are buggy.

The whole week was not really playable cause you lose against team you never have lost before no matter if colosseum nor arena!!!

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