Some hard truths we may have to live with

So we are all waiting for Kim and there are some hard truths we may have to live with, I have made this list to explain Kim may not be as kimtastic as we think.

She may be weak

Yes I said it, Kim may be weak, she may be like basil, strong but not meta material.

She could be hard to recive 

Kim could be very hard to earn, she could be a crate exclusive, diamond exclusive, or even challenger exclusive

She may never come

They could scrap her in the process but hey I don’t think they’ve done that before, but I think they did it with Kermit because of his walk

She may be the last hero we recive

Kim possible could be the very end of the game and I don’t think waiting till a great game’s end to get Kim.

I really want Kim as much as all of you don’t get me wrong, but she may spell doom for the game and be very bad, but let’s all have hope and remember Kim will come



It’s possible (no pun intended). But as long as we find ways to use her it’s fine.

She will be moved in shops/élite eventually, or you could just have a lucky crate. This is not a bad point, as long as she comes it doesn’t really matter where she’s initially released.

…this is a possibility, hope it won’t happen.

I didn’t get this one. Why would she be the last?


Who knows, Maximus could have been the last, or someone in the near future, who knows maybe Kim could be that hero

As long it isn’t exclusive crate like Shan Yu is in now we’re fine.

No, this doesn’t work like that. This game is all about new heroes.
On fact, this sentence doesn’t have any sense.



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I’m confused, it sounded good in my head

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