Some questions about gameplay

Hello everyone. I will be very grateful if you can help me answer some questions.
First one: In description of the red skill of The Mad Hatter it says that “allies are immune to debuffs”, but when I fight it blocks stuns too. Stun is disability not a debuff, so why it is blocked?
Second one: About HP Mod. If you upgrade it, it can give you reality or armor as a percentage of your max HP. If max hp increases during the battle will it change too or not?
Third one: In description of the red skill of Joy it says that “When Joy or her allies are healed above their max HP, 40% of that extra HP is converted into max HP.” Will it only happen once per wave or every time they are healed above their max HP?

Disables are a category of the larger umbrella we call debuffs. If it affects debuffs, it affects disables. Not all debuffs are disables, but all disables are debuffs.

I don’t believe it does.

Every time.


Thank you for your answers.:blush:

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