Something Wicked This Way Comes... (Predictions For October (And Beyond!) Updates)

Patch Notes Release: Oct. 11th
Update Release: October 15th or 16th
Zurg (Confirmed Friend For Megavolt)

The Madam Mim and Jafar friendship should be released with this update.

Red Skills:
I think it will be this update they begin giving more old characters Red Skills as well as names for the Red Skills we currently have.

Patch Notes Release: Oct. 25th
Update Release: Oct. 29th or 30th
:black_small_square:Captain Hook
Hector Barbosa
Peter Pan
Gives Disk To:

:black_small_square:Oogie Boogie?
Madam Mim? or Jafar or Maleficent
Sally or Jack Skellington
Gives Disk To:
Madam Mim


:black_small_square:Dr. Facilier??
Tia Dalma or Sally or Jack Skellington?
Maleficent or Madam Mim
Gives Disk To:
Madam Mim?

:black_small_square:Launchpad (November Log in)
Goofy or Gonzo
Hercules or Duke Caboom?
Gives Disk To:
Huey Dewey and Louie?

Level Cap: 140 -> 145

Red Skills:
This is probably the update where they will drop a rework of how you unlock red skills. If history has any say it will go like this:
Now You Earn Skill Tokens Instead of Skill Chips in City Watch Epic Mode (You Can Also Buy More Tokens In Deals And Earn them meager quantities in contests). The Shop works like the Memmory Shop and it will take them just as long to make a Discount perk for it! Additionally it now only takes 100 of the heroes chips (Or Perhaps it will be 50) to unlock the skill… but it now takes 250 (Or 300… maybe) skill chips as well (Previously it was 200 hero chips 200 skill chips). Now instead of requiring 5 hero chips, 10 skill chips to level up the skill (Plus all that gold…) And 0 skill points it will require 1 hero chip 5 skill chips but 2 skill points to level up the skill (Plus all that gold… still).

Patch Notes Release: Nov. 8th
Update Release: Nov. 12th
:black_small_square:Scrooge McDuck
Launchpad or The Beast
Rafiki or Merlin
Gives Disk To:
Huey, Dewey, and Louie

:black_small_square:Kim Possible¿
Darkwing Duck (Confirmed Friend For Kim)
Launchpad or Jasmine?? or Anna???
Gives Disk To:
Duke Caboom (Confirmed Friends With Kim)

Red Skills Roll Out On Server 4

Patch Notes Release: Nov. 22nd
Update Release: Nov. 26th
Elsa or Olaf??
Kristoff and Sven? or Bo Peep or Olaf??

:black_small_square:Kristoff and Sven? (December Log in)
Robin Hood or Olaf?
Anna? or Hercules or Gaston??
Gives Disks To:

Level Cap 145 -> 150

Red Skills Roll Out Everywhere That Has Red.

Well that took 2 days to type.


Captain Hook is probably coming on the next update. I’m not sure of Dr. Facilier because when I think shadow, I think it’s him

Well, I heard that Megavolt and Launchpad are coming for November because that is the month when Disney+ is released and they want these characters to come near the release.

Dude the guy said they’re guessing MegaVolt was going to come November it’s not confirmed can still come out this month


Eh, Red Skill rework sounds like a dream…Our server doesn’t have them yet, but knowing they’ll come soon, people leave the game rapidly, even whales have no wish to stay :sweat_smile:

If i could think off shadows besides off faciler just imagine randal coming out off the shadows and scareing you this would be very horrifing and terrifing so this can realte to him and doctor faciler since he is known as the shadowman so it could doctor faciler captin hook and randal boggs oggie boogie could realte to halloween but also for christmes since it tried to kindap sandy claws which could destroy christmes

Honestly They Probly Will Rework it in some way but you’re right the one I put up there is really more of the optimal version than the likely version.

@Spiderhog is right it was a guess that they were coming in November. I think it seems more likely that Megavolt will come in October instead because villains.

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