Sora for Super Smash Bros

I just watched the reveal trailer for Sephiroth and i have to say, he dosen’t disappoint. This means the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has three Square-Enix character in their roster and shows no signs of stopping. This means that they are one step closer to putting a certain keyblade weilder on their roster.

Seeing how both Cloud and Sephiroth appeared in Kingdom Hearts and with a few spinoff games under Nintendo’s belt (include the new Melody of Memories) and with only three spots left in the 2nd fighter pass. Would us as Disney fans want to see Sora in Smash?

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You know that we’re in a DHBM forums and not a “Smash forums,” but Sora has a small chance of getting in. But we already got 2 Microsoft characters as DLC and then now 2 Square characters as DLC. And we just got our newest Smash character so who knows…


Sora is still Disney-related. And DHBM is a disney game. So… yeah.

@Monster_Toon take this to a Super Smash Bros forum as it’s not something that needs to/should be discussed here.


“Community Chatter” is meant for discussion that doesn’t directly relate to the game. They’re fine. :upside_down:

Hmm, I took this to mean that it was about DHBM only :man_shrugging:. Oh, well.

Social community, talking with each other. :slight_smile:

I misread ‘of the game’ as ‘about the game’ so I thought it was meant for DHBM talk.

3 spots left.
Make it Sora, Jonesy and…
Well idk…
Papa Louie? Somebody.
But yeah, I absolutely want Sora in Smash!

Yeah having a square Enix character again just makes him much more unlikely!

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If another Square-Enix character gets in the game, that means Nintendo’s relationship with Square-Enix is getting stronger. So, that makes Sora more likely to get in.

He has plenty of attacks at his disposal including magic, flowmotion, and formchange. And plenty of costume options.

I was think more along the lines of Sora, Crash Bandicoot, and Shantae.

Tbh I’d have Sora, crash, and waluigi or king boo

What would Waluigi do? He never been in one of the main Mario games or any of the Warioware games (since he is most affiliated with Wario). He has no signature attacks to speak of.

Besides, you know Sakurai dosen’t want Waluigi if he get beated out by a plant. That’s like having someone choicing a rock over you while playing a game of kickball.

Besides, besides, if any assist trophy is going to be made a fighter. It would be either Shovel Knight, Ghirahim, Krystal or Shadow the Hedgehog.

And then it happened

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