Sora in Disney heroes

Let’s talk. Since that Sora is in smash now, what if we also add Sora in this game too!

His white skill will have 3-4 different magic to use like Fire which will deal x damage to a single opponent of your choice, thunder will deal damage to all enemies, freeze will deal damage and also freeze the chosen enemy at the same time, and heal that’ll heal all allies.
For friends I would say someone who could also “travel to different worlds” and another one let me know. And his red skill will be called the keyblade wielder

PerBlue will need to get the rights from Square Enix…


Yeah, Sora is a Square-Enix property, not a Disney property.


There’s too many anime swordfighters in Disney Heroes Battle Mode already anyways.

Just in case

This a joke. Please do not take this seriously.

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Sora is owned by Disney

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Nope. It’s owned by Square Enix. Maybe both, but mainly Square Enix.


I mean yes both but Disney owns every original character in KH.

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No, they do not.

They only own the Disney characters in KH.


Kinda, yes.

And it shouldn’t be absolutely impossible as Sora is in emoji blast.

But PB once mentioned it will be hard and rather… not.

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I mean you can just google the answer if you don’t believe me lol

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Explain why Nintendo had to ask Square Enix for permission to use Sora, then


They had to get permission from both

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The Kingdom Hearts games and characters are owned by Disney as in that they are the legal rights holder of Sora. When Sora comes to Smash, Disney will likely be in the Copyright list for that reason.

Square Enix makes and publish Kingdom Hearts mainly.

That’s the case for Kingdom Hearts in terms of legal rights from what I understand.


In terms of licensing Sora, Square Enix has to get involved.

That’s probably true still yeah, even if I don’t know for sure I would imagine so yeah.

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