SOS Refresh - These characters need your help!

Today’s topic: REFRESH.

It seems Andy has put some of his toys away. Over time, they’ve become underpowered and worn out. They are in desperate need of some refreshing and some cleaning. Currently on my server, everyone basically uses THE SAME TEAM. Which makes the game incredibly BORING.

Disgust, Honey Lemon, Fear, Swedish Chef / Clawhauser, and Maximus. Sprinkle in a little variation every once and a while and VOILA! A cookie cutter recipe for Disney Heroes Battle mode. “Why?!?” You ask? Because these are the current “meta” or “OP” characters just throwing in a pot to simmer for 2-3 months. Making a delicious conundrum of repetition!

It brings a sparkly little tear to my twinkling eye everytime I see Wreck it Ralph become “get wrecked Ralph” and drop like a SACK OF POTATOES within seconds of each battle. Or see Rex just be basically NOT SCARY. PerBlue, HE WANTS TO BE SCARY.

Do us a favor, go back to your OG (original gangstas) and just rinse em off. You know? Give em a little scrubby scrub. A washy wash with Mr. Bubble and lavender lemon. They’re begging for love. They want to be loved! THEY NEED YOU.

So I’m calling on all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to put these characters back together again: Ralph, Rex, Vanellope, Jack Skelington, Sally, Judy, and Yax just needs a bath. Do it!!!

If there are any sad and lonely toons you’d like to see get cleaned up, drop their names in the boxes below! SAVE OUR TOONS!


I agree with this full-heartedly.

And I would like to say… you are very good at metaphors :upside_down_face:.

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As long as EVE-ntually we get around to Mauii

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I couldn’t agree with you more, I literally seen MAX IN EVERY TEAM IN CHALLENGER ARENA.
Where is the variety???

I currently can hold my ground with Shank, which is cool.
But right now every team in my arena is practically the same groups but with 1 off meta character.

They need a refresh

… No, they honestly really don’t. Maybe a nerf for Cheshire, but definitely not a refresh…


Cheshire dies so fast! He has the same HP as megavolt

I want to see some proves about this, he is broken

He may have the same health (I’m not sure if that’s true) but his evasion is off the charts. You have to actually be able to hit him for him to take damage.

Megavolt HP: red 1 4 stars all badges max skill level 2 Hp mods 1 skill mod and 1 basic damage mod

Megavolt now has 95k HP same for Cheshire

Ralph: everything same for megavolt but ralph is red 0 and only 3 stars

259k HP

This doesn’t mean the cat needs a refresh.

His green can do more damage than almost all 2019 heroes can do. Combined. His Fantastic Crit and Reality Negation are also very high, meaning that there is nothing you can do to counter him.

Cheshire just needs a damage nerf, as the crit and negation can nerf itself if they don’t increase.

But yeah, Ralph desperately needs a refresh and Megavolt should get (at least) a HP buff.

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