Spammers Are Out of Control

We have addressed this many many times by now, but they (well really Big_Crash and his alts) are out of our control. Just today, some very fun and important topics were closed. For me at least, my concept collection was closed, and that made me very angry, annoyed, and sad. There was no reason for them to go on there and close it. When I saw it it said it would open in an hour. I just checked, and now it is saying it will open in 3 hours. I checked for false flags, which there were none on that thread. Can someone please explain why the time change happened?

@Polaris do you know why the time change occurred and have the accounts been banned?


All ill say is the silencing system which is supposedly visible. Isnt. Thats needs sorting…

Dont name and shame.

LOTS of people have many times. I get this spammer is a person, but they should know better.

Naming and shaming is against the forum rules. Simple as that.

I wanna see better actions for these spammers but naming them isn’t gonna help and you should know as you monitor the forums just as much as me.

It’s no secret that Big Crash is a spammer though. They have been asked to stop many times so it’s time to call them out for it.


Still against the forum rules.

I can’t access the Terms of Use right now but can you screenshot where it says not to name those who are destroying the Forums.

It says no personal attacks; but I’d think it hardly qualifies as a personal attack if the person proudly refers to themselves as “the famous spammer of the forums”.

This person is spamming; it’s not cruel or defamatory to say so.


I hope he doesn’t spam on my concepts…is it possible to make a concept on a spammer?:thinking:

Don’t. People have tried making concepts of Forumers in the past and 9/10 times they come across as rude and degrading so don’t even try.


10 characters

He/she probably won’t. But idk.

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