Special Invasion (Testing)

Dear Forum Users, I know I said that I will start the invasion on 24 October. I started it earlier so everyone can test out your new heroes and get a head start. Here are the rules of this Invasion:

  1. Like normal invasion, you need to defeat creeps to advance. Otherwise, you will be stuck forever.
  2. All your heroes reside in Headquarters and need at least 2 heroes to guard the doors as there is no security.
  3. Your Heroes are suited for only fighting in the day. Giving them a good night rest is crucial. If they continue fighting or guarding in the night, they lose energy over time and may need someone to take over, otherwise, security is compromised.
  4. While your heroes are away fighting, if there are no heroes guarding, their weapons and other essential items may be damaged and a stat is partially or completely disabled until repair works are complete.
  5. After a creep is KO, the people who damaged the creep at least once can get a chance at a hero upgrade.
  6. White Skills unlock at level 1, green at level 3, blue at level 10, purple at level 30 and red skills need your hero to be at least level 50, you need to collect skill chips and your hero needs to KO at least 5 enemies (kill them completely with your last shot)

Note that damage from other unregistered sources are not counted.

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

The first creep, according to research, is a ninja. He has the following information:


Basic Damage: 30
Max HP: 100
HP regen (effective every 6 hours): 75

@Prince_Tamatoa_III, hero 1 deals 1 damage with his basic attack.

@Prince_Tamatoa_III, hero 1 deals 1 damage with his basic attack.

The creep deals 30 damage and @Prince_Tamatoa_III was KOed.

Someone save me!

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