Special Invasion

Which team are you using for the special invasion ?? My team is very weak and dies soon
Please help me

Same here sadly


Breaker quest, or boss fights?

For breakers, I have a freeze team well-built for coli, so I just use that. Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Frozone, then a rando for collections. Otherwise a blind team with Goofy, Powerline, and maybe Minnie could be clumped together with whoever you have built.

For boss fights, I’ve been using Stitch (Ma), Animal (Go), Mr. Inc (El), K&S, and Pleakley. Mr. Inc’s disk is only at 4 stars, and my Pleakley is only at a low orange, so I’m not doing as well as I could with it.


Try to power up your top 5-15 heroes. That’s the best shot of winning cause you’ll have a strong backup. Alternatively, if your hero is over 1 million max HP in total, the hero can go without a power up. (Ie. Pooh at Red+8 rank) U can use that instead.

For example, u can try Powerline (Go), Kristoff and Sven (Ki), Elsa (Fr), Mulan (Any Choice) and Jafar (Sc).

Powerline can slow blinded enemies with Goofy’s disk, Kristoff and Sven can increase all freezes and slows’ duration. (Powerline’s slows is equal to his blinds. And everyone in this team is benefitted from the freeze or slow duration increase except for Mulan) Jafar can charm OP enemies. It should work. But it is a suggestion. Try it out first.

All the power-ups rely on RNG, so this is out of the question

No, it’s not. Some heroes are good for invasion and some are terrible.

1M HP isn’t sufficient enough :man_facepalming:

In terms of Breaker Quests, no. Jafar and Mulan would be too weak. In terms of bot fights, all of the above are a terrible choice. All of these heroes rely on disables and the Mama Bot is immune to them. Only Kristoff would be a good choice, but with Flynn disk :neutral_face:

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Same team! Only Kristoff really built, and disks are a little low, but I managed to max tiers relatively easily.

Just the breakers were harder than usual :sweat_smile:

Aquí con la invasión más difícil de todas. Mi equipo de rompedores es Minnie, Jack Skellington (MH), Lock, Shock y Barrel, Mickey Mouse como apoyo y Stitch como atacante los Tengo a todos en naranja pero aún así caen rápido contra los enemigos.
Soy nivel 110

For breakers I use: LSB, powerline (DyB), kristoff (fl) mickey and minnie
For Bosses I use: animal, mickey, maximus, LSB and goofy

Nvm. It’s not gonna work. Cause the way u say it makes it seem like it’s impossible.

BTW, I tried Pooh without a power up. He is just fine. He didn’t need a revive.

Can’t seem to resurrect heroes in invasion since update.

@Texaspete It’s been a recurring problem, try to change the filter.

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