Spongebob Squarepants concept. (My first concept)

Spongebob Squarepants.

Stars: :star2:
Role: tank
Team: Yellow
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Quote: “OVERTIME!?!”
Basic attack: RipeDefiantAsianwaterbuffalo-max-1mb

White attack: Use Your Imagination.
Spongebob puts his hands together and shoots out a rainbow.

Green attack: Once Bitten.
Spongebob gets Gary and throws him at a enemy and then gary bites the enemy.

Blue attack: Water anyone?
Spongebob drinks a cup of water and then shoots the water at a enemy with his green holes.

Purple skill: Krabby Days.
Makes Use Your Imagination x2 times more damage.

No Red skill.

Costume: None.

FriendShip #1: Mickey and Spongebob.
Disk name: Popular Friends.

FriendShip #2: Hank & Dory and Spongebob
Disk name: Underwater Friends.

(Special Thanks To @Imagineer_V for the suggestions!)

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I hope you guys like my first concept.

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Should i remake this con someday?

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I meant concept .

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