Spotlight day MICKEY


Hi I’m Magic Mickey and today on the Disney Hero’s Spotlight is Mickey so far my experiences with him are amazing so I’m really hoping him Skill is a bit better soon but so far his overall Role is a 9/10 so what the Game says he does is correct however on the down sit when he faces Jesse don’t expect to see him alive really long in the comments please tell me do you agree disagree please tell me why

HINT for next spotlight Are you _______ _ with your ____________


This is a forum, not a YouTube video.


If you’re going to do something like this I’d suggest going into more detail. This isn’t all that helpful for people looking for new character suggestions.


But the idea itself is good! :grin: this game needs more in depth discuss of characters.


Agreed. It’s part of the reason I started coming to the forum and discord in the first place, to try and learn what heroes were worth the time right away and which ones you should hold off on.