Sprig Plantar

Sprig Plantar

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Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Blue

Entrance: Sprig hops onto his position, and then pulls out his slingshot.
Victory: Sprig jumps happily.
Defeat: Sprig takes down his hat and sobs.

Quote: ‘‘What? Does this look like a face that could deceive you?’’

Basic attack: Sprig slingshots a ball made of mud at the nearest enemy.

White Skill: Frog Music
Sprig plays on his fiddle, this converts all active debuffs on himself and his allies to buffs of the same type with same values and duration. Sprig and allies additionally heal X HP and become invincible for 5 seconds.

List of Convertible Debuffs and Buffs which they become into with this skill:
Damage Decreased > Damage Increased
Skill Power Decreased > Skill Power Increased
Armor Decreased > Armor Increased
Reality Decreased > Reality Increased
Attack Speed Decreased > Attack Speed Increased
Move Speed Decreased > Move Speed Increased
Tenacity Decreased > Tenacity Increased
Evasion Decreased > Evasion Increased
Normal Crit Decreased > Normal Crit Increased
Fantastic Crit Decreased > Fantastic Crit Increased
Max HP Decrease > Max HP Increase
Crit Damage Decreased > Crit Damage Increased
Fatigue > Hardy
Damage Over Time > Heal Over Time

Green Skill: Tongue Slap :fist:
Sprig hits the nearest enemy with his tongue, dealing X Normal damage to that enemy and any others near them. Enemies hit also are knocked back, Snared for 12 seconds, and Discharged for 10 seconds.

Sprig also steals 250 energy from each enemy hit.

Discharged enemies lose 80 energy when they basic attack. When Discharged is applied it removes all active Energized buffs from enemies and vice-versa.

Blue Skill: Boom Shrooms :sparkles:
Sprig slingshots few boom shrooms at enemies, all enemies take X Fantastic Damage while being Stunned and Sapped for 8 seconds and lose X Armor and X Reality for 12 seconds.
If the enemy hit was already Sapped, their duration of Sap is increased by 10 seconds and takes bonus X True Damage.

For each enemy losing more than 20% of their Max HP, Sprig and allies receive 150 energy.

Purple Skill: Hopping Into Action
Sprig now cleanses all debuffs which aren’t convertible with ‘‘Frog Music’’ from himself and his allies. For each debuff cleansed this way Sprig and allies heal 10% of their Max HP and gain 50 energy.

This has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red Skill: Froggy Optimism
Sprig is now immune to all debuffs and gains 35 energy whenever he blocks a debuff.
Energy received from “Tongue Slap”, “Boom Shrooms”, and “Hopping Into Action” is increased by 50%.

“Boom Shrooms” now applies Discharged to all enemies hit for 10 seconds and lose extra X Armor and X Reality.

Discharged enemies lose 80 energy when they basic attack. When Discharged is applied it removes all active Energized buffs from enemies and vice-versa.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Reality
+X Fantastic Crit


Kermit - New Frog on the Show!

Increased Speed upon using White Skills

  • +X Max HP to Sprig and allies
  • +X BD to Sprig and allies
  • +X Evasion to Tank and Support role allies*
  • Whenever Tank or Support role ally uses their White Skill, Attack and Movement speed of all allies is increased by 15% for 8 seconds (+15% speed per star)

Timon & Pumbaa - Bug Hunting

Stealing Energy from Discharged Enemies

  • +X SP to Sprig and allies
  • Discharged enemies lose X Basic Damage
  • Discharged enemies lose X Skill Power
  • Sprig steals 10% of the energy removed via Discharged Debuff on enemies, energy is then shared with Sprig and his allies (+10% steal per star)
*Same scaling as tenacity on Perry's Kim disk

This is a great concept.

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Thanks. :frog:


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You’re welcome.

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