Stamina adjustment

The picture above is a single badge needed for Olaf at R7. That’s is 6 ranks below current rarity. And it costs this much… This is insane…

@Polaris you guys said that you want to make some changes to stamina. I hope it’s not over after you increasing daily stamina quest and our stamina bank. Because, it’s nothing compared to what we need. I doubt this game will survive 1 more year if things stay the same

Badges need to be less complicated, the drop rate needs to be increased, trial bits need to be increased as well (right now it stops at 6, what a pity number) and stamina needs to be decreasing. Thanks for your time

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now u can see why we on s21 are complaining about stamina so much

4.6k stamina? meeeh… go further, badges costs 16k stamina :slight_smile:
and some 3M gold.


This is a badge for Nick (amongst others at Red 13). I already have quite a lot of the parts needed to craft this badge so the cost you’re seeing isn’t even the full amount.
No doubt the stamina/gold cost is high but it’s definitely a much better balance than it used to be. The increased stamina drops and gold available from endless creep surge have definitely offset the increase in requirements. Just make the most of double drops.

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I dont think you guys see what I’m saying here. For the newest badges, of course it’s expensive, with how much stamina it needs to raid. But for some badges way lower, with stamina each raid is 6, and it still costs that much, then it’s is definitely a problem

No it isn’t. You say it got better but for me and many others, there are still a lot of work need to be done. Not just some classic “we understand the situation and your frustration and taking some measure to balance it in the future”… We don’t even know when or if that future ever comes

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