Stamina Bundle Bug

@Polaris I purchased the 5 66 stamina deal twice and it stole my diamonds and never gave me my stamina. Can you fix this?

You need to contact in game support

If you purchased them as a deal you will have items in your inventory that you need to use in order to gain the stamina. Check in there.

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I think this is a case of a long-term UI bug where if you have no more stamina buys left, the screen also doesn’t show you your stamina boosts like it normally would. Like @Lord_Skellington says, they should be in your inventory?

The UI should show you stamina items, even if you’ve used all your Buy Stamina options for the day.

The screen that @IncredibleFan_VIII posts only shows if you don’t have any stamina items. If you bought some and didn’t use them, please contact support through the game. We can check the logs and see what happened.


ah ok, that must’ve been zapped a while ago, unless I’m just talking nonsense :joy: :+1:

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