Stamina cost resets not in mega mart anymore?

i used to always buy these stamina resets in mega mart. But lately i havent seem em in there. I even refreshed mega mart about 10 times straight. Still nothing. Are they taken out of the mart?

I still see them frequently. Maybe you just have bad luck?



I still see them, and bought some more just yesterday or the day before. They may be appearing less often, but I couldn’t say for sure. Not getting any for a dozen straight instances of the Mega Mart sounds really unlucky, but not outside the bounds of possibility.


Ok, thanks. Nice to know that they are still there.

Yeah, i havent seen em for about 10 refreshes today, and even for the past week (seriously, no joke)
Thats gotta be the crappiest luck ever :poop: :four_leaf_clover:

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