Stamina costs for chapter 78

How does the increase of stamina costs for chapter 78 benefit us?

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It’s not so were protesting. #FIXYOURGAME

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The Dev’s point of view(as I understand it):

By making each badge bit more expensive to obtain, they can make badges require fewer badge bits for the same cost, thereby reducing lag.

But they didn’t did that “for the same cost part”. Why not?

Dev’s point of view: Lag was not the only problem that needed to be solved. Whales hording stamina is also a problem because the Devs foolishly let whales buy ridiculous amounts of stamina. So if all the costs are outrageously high, the whales will have to spend all that stamina they’ve horded. Or quit the game. But they’re not gonna do that, right?

So the ridiculous costs will save the game by nuking the whales and restoring a balanced economy, even if every non-whale has to be ground into the dust. Their sacrifices are all part of the plan for a glorious blood soaked empire.

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