Stamina for Badges is unrealistic

I’ve been doing some basic estimations for what I need to advance in the game and unfortunately, the conclusions I have reached are disatisfactory.

According to other players, if I use any character for any game mode, they have to be Red10.

This is my core team:

This is a team I am advancing to get past a specific roadblock chapter:

I am uncertain of the merits of this, since I only use WP+Kronk when required and Angel never, this could be an uncessary expense of valuable stamina.

Then we have the Friendships I am working on:

Out of these, I never use the Ducklets, Syndrome, Baloo and Monti Core, so I cannot justify spending on them at all.
I rarely use Linguini and have not decided if I want to use Wasabi or Carl.

I was told the baseline figure for upgrading each of these to R10 is 140,000 stamina, so in total that makes 252,0000 if I was to theorectically consider upgrading everyone listed here who is not already R10 or higher.

At the slow rate of F2P stamina acqusition, this is a nearly unreachable goal and therefore, a serious review of the stamina provisioning needs to be undertaken.
3000 per day (daily rewardsX3x1000) and 3200 per week (weekly rewards) isn’t enough to meet even the smallest fraction of these requirements.

To be candidly honest, once I realized what I would have to do for even some of these, it caused me to give serious consideration to quitting this game forever.

Now if a new player theorectically wanted to advance the entire roster to R10, they would need 21000000 stamina.

And I am not interesting in power farming techniques, it is too random for my situation, I need specific badges for these characters only, power farming just provides random badges, most of which may be useless for my needs, if they’re not for anyone on this list.
Not burning all of my hard earned stamina on one stage alone for nothing of practical use.

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I agree the stamina given is really unrealistic. And it should be changed :upside_down_face:

If you want to fight a R10 friendship campaign with your O1s you are surely gonna lose :man_shrugging:t2:

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but is just Red+10 and that is true, but what about Yellow ranks for F2P? :eyes:

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Trying not to think about Yellow, otherwise I’ll have a mental shutdown and start singing “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, he he, ho ho”

This is the stamina cost for 5 characters together that I made at Y1, although it will of course vary some you can see how expensive the raw stamina cost is, as raw stamina cost as in not including Trial badges cost reduction wise and other cost reductions:

Raw stamina cost for 5 characters together:
10%: 83680
20%: 167360
30%: 251040
40%: 334720
50%: 418400
60%: 502080
70%: 585760
80%: 669440
90%: 753120
100%: 836800

So yeah, one need to get under/around the 30% to have a chance most likely.
At least now you know Tilarta :-).

I think I’ll have to pass on upgrading anyone to yellow rank given the above requirements.

I think I’d gain more gameplay benefit from several Red10s then 5 Yellow1s.

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in the long term, 5 Y1 would enable you to compete in Challenger leagues and gain a lot more daily diamonds to enable you to upgrade more. With a lot of R10 you’ll do somewhat decently in Surge, but not much else.

That’s the route I took, and I’m now able to keep up the most powerful 15 heroes in my top 15 guild, without spending money. That’s 10-15 Y2 heroes.

It does take time initially though.


If I could get to talk with you on Discord for a bit I could try to help you get to know a method that should help you a lot.

No, this is something else than combo grinding.

And unfortunately in the long run you technically benefit more from having 5 characters at Y2, beside that I with some older characters get taken down by new characters such as Wasabi and Mr.Big in seconds.

Of course if you want to abandon all modes beside the Friendship Campaign mode and Surge, then yes you can split your focus you seem to do, but yeah if you actually want to progress in the Normal Campaign then you need to switch to newer characters and get them up to the highest rank as possible.

I am going to transition to newer characters as well, so yeah got to get them up to Y6 or something or more when I get them completely up.
I know that will be quite a grind, but I know it has to be done which is why I also wait until I am sure the new character is good and skill wise good before updating them.

My primary interest in the game is story mode and Friendship Campaigns, with some Surging and Invasion on the side.

As per above, that is a bit frustrating now, since I have to spend a lot of stamina on some characters I don’t normally use because their skills are crucial to defeating a specific chapter enemy team, which might be better spent on characters I actually use.
Short explanation, spending on them means I have to save up the stamina again to use on my priority team/characters.

Friendship campaigns tend to a bit hit&miss, sometimes to get the desired disc, I have to level up someone I never use, like Syndrome for Wasabi and MontiCora for Carl.
Since I deem that a frivilous waste of stamina, I can’t justify spending R10 levels on those ones.

I tend not to care much for the newer characters, the last one was not recieved well by some people, including me.
We wanted Anna (Frozen) or Ariel (Little Mermaid), we got Esmeralda.

My approach to playable characters is not based on their gameplay skill, but if I am a fan of their franchise.
To use a metaphor, I don’t want to be playing with toys I am not interested in.

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