Stamina Soft Cap Increase

In 4.9, we made some changes so that the Stamina received from Daily Quests, Diamond purchases, and generation would increase and scale with the maximum Team Level set on the server. The Hard Cap was also increased but not the Soft Cap that blocks Stamina Regeneration was not adjusted. Based on everyone’s feedback, we’ve seen there’s a clear need to also increase this Soft Cap. We’ve now made it so that the amount of Stamina you can currently hold is in line with the newly adjusted generation amount and are looking to further improve it with a future update.

We’ll monitor data following all of the Stamina changes from today to see if more adjustments are needed.


Definitely can say yes.

But it’s going in a good direction.


As Musk said, it’s a step in the right direction, but stamina has been broken since high Red. PB a has been clueless and about scaling ALL resources especially stamina. Badges are SO expensive and get more and more so expensive.


From 2000 to 5000 on S21 it’s still not enough…

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@Samm it would all be alright if the team did not increase costs to double every 4 ranks. Which now is a thing.

It’s called multiplicities.

This will become very unhealthy very quickly.

Imagine double these.
500 bits = 10 full badges.

Oh and this is now just one badge. 10 ranks ago this much was needed for W to Y16. Ok, maybe a bit more, but still it is very clear that we have a hyperinflation problem here.


It would be nice if stamina rewards from prize wall, war, and invasion would be increased and meet current needs.

Because now they are super outdated.


Oh nice, thanks Samm and the Disney Heroes team ^^.

Definitely appreciate you all increasing the Stamina Soft Cap, should help balance the fact that we get more stamina regan wise now :-).


@Samm maybe a worthy feedback

It would be nice if that was at least 8, but ideally 10 hours before it’s full. Sleeptime.

Also, I know the team XP (and thus team levels) are easy to get, but maybe it’d be better if the Soft Cap was decided upon max server level and not the player level?


At least samm helped out when she saw the feedback


By the way, what’s the difference between the “soft” cap and the “hard” cap? :thinking:


That means I can put stamina for from orange to red or yellow ranks by that update. And I love that idea too


When you reach the soft stamina cap, the game no longer generates free stamina for you, until you spend enough stamina to get it back below the soft cap.

When you reach the “hard” stamina cap, you can no longer purchase stamina with diamonds, or redeem stamina consumables, until you spend enough stamina to get it back below the “hard” cap.

Even after you reach the “hard” cap, though, you can accumulate more stamina from a few sources (thrice-daily Free Stamina quests, Weekly Quest rewards, maybe some others), so it’s not entirely a hard cap.


Alright alright

Thank you!!!

Why is it that we could only use our extra stamina to reach a certain amount? Because I have 2 million stamina and have more than 5000 extras to use

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Thanks for increasing the Stamina cap!
Any chance we could possibly get a Friend Stamina cap increase too? For those of us that really like doing Friend Campaigns, the cap (plus the one daily top up) might not be enough.

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Can players’ Stamina still be limited (to the point that we can’t pay 50 Diamonds, unless we consume some Stamina)? Mine was at 61K Stamina and it seems that I can still pay 50 Diamonds.

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It is still limited, the cap is just a lot higher than it was. That’s a good thing!


Ah, good to know!
Come to think of it, I used that advantage to get another chance at the 200th Hero Trial Event. :3

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