Stamina Use Tier Options

Pleeeeeease implement a higher stamina use tier. We can only use 1 or 10 at a time. To use stamina in large amounts, I have to spam the ‘use 10’ button and it takes FOREVER. I don’t buy stamina anymore because i still have over 2 million that I just don’t have the time to use. I think I bought the 3 million option months and months ago and have maybe used 500,000 since then. Please fix! I think there should be at least a 1000 at a time option AT LEAST.

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You can just raid all in campaign. That makes things less of a drag.


This has already been added into the game. You just need to go to your inventory to use it (does not apply to premium Stam, the one with the extra 10%)


Thank you! I never use it from inventory, so I’ve never seen this!

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