Start using characters from cartoon series!

Phineas & Ferb (preferably as a duo like Simba and Nala) and Perry (he could either be his own fighter or one of Phineas & Ferb’s special attacks)!
Star Butterfly (magic wand)
Marco Diaz (karate)
Cassandra from Tangled
Milo Murphy
Dipper & Mabel

I’d also really like to see Anna from Frozen out in the game!


If you haven’t noticed, all the ducks in the game are from TV shows. Megavolt is also from a TV show.


shorts and comics originally

thing is… from old show, but nothing yet from newer ones, Kim brings some hope to change it.


Dipper and Mabel


I guess i can see them working as a duo. But duo or no duo they should be in the game.

I think perry can be his own character

Yeah i mean we do have every other main characters in the game.

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I would really like to see Big City Greens in the game.

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Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, and Gizmoduck originated in TV cartoons. “Old” shows, as you mention.

Yes, they would make an amazing duo with dippers notebook he could use the creatures of gravity falls, and Mable could use her grappling hook and charm. Bill cyper would also be an amazing hero

Exactly, I really hope they will add Gravity falls characters.

I hope they add Also star butterfly in the game

I’m hoping to see the rest of the Gargoyles added to the game. I will be very excited!

Same dude I want the gargoyles to be in it too

Star, if a thread is older than a month or so old, don’t revive it. Just make a new thread.

Oh ok Thnkz for the advice

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