Steve Likely(?) Concept

1 star frontline tank

(I forgot a key quote don’t judge me)

Steve is a completely normal penguin who loves his family yet he does cool stuff.

Entrance: Steve slides into the battlefield.

Victory: Steve puts his hands up and does SOS

Defeat: And he waddles away waddle waddle until the very next battle he is in. (If purple skill unlocked it is until the very next wave bomb I’m bum bum da daahhhh)

Basic attack: Steve does a flipper slap

White skill fish away

Passive: Whenever Steve takes damage there is a 40% chance the enemy that attacked him will be frozen for 5 seconds. Active: Steve picks up a fish and slaps hit all enemies hit by it take x normal damage and get knocked back all the way this also deals an additional x fantastic damage if any enemy that he hits is frozen. Steve then eats the fish and heals for 20% max health.

Green skill slide into action

Steve slides into the battlefield when he enters a wave dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies freezing them for 3 seconds.

The freeze has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill the fearsome squawk

Steve does the fearsome squawk gaining 10% more armor and reality for the rest of the wave he also scare all non frozen enemies for 8 seconds and steals up to 4 positive effects from each frozen enemy.

The scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill penguin that loves.

Whenever Steve is defeated he comes back with 100% max health at the very next wave if he dies on the last wave he does not revive because it is the last wave. Steve also always crits against frozen enemies.

The crit has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill frozen cold but not to penguins.

Steve has + 10% more skill power and basic damage per frozen hero also Steve is immune to being frozen. Whenever an enemy loses frozen steve gains x additional max health until the end of the battle.

Fish away now freezes non frozen enemies for 6 seconds.

Frozen enemies also are always shattered and pierced.

Whenever steve attacks there is a 25% chance the enemies will be frozen for 2 seconds.

The freeze has a chance to fail against enemies above level x


Mr. Big

Ah look another animal from cold climates this will be very get along (they robbed 8 banks overall)

Disk polar bird: the fearsome squawk now snares non frozen enemies for 5 seconds.

Friendship with simba and nala

Normal bird meets slightly more normal animals cool right.

Disk cli-meh change: Steve applies 1 stack of fatigue to all enemies whenever he crits.

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What movie or TV show does Steve come from? Not being rude just curious

I’m pretty sure he’s an original character, but I’m not sure myself.

Actually I discovered he’s from a Disneynatire film called Penguins

So he’s not an original character made by Santachungus

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Never thought I’d see a Disneynature concept.

I appreciate the reference, but it’s not neccesary and really distracting.

Next non April fools concept is also going to be Disney nature ok.

  • From bears
  • From chimpanzees

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Next Disney nature concept is going to be…

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