Stop doing hero refreshes at all!

If you constantly want to refresh a hero then nerf them, making the (ex)refreshed hero not viable all the time (widely comparing to refreshed version)… just stop doing them!

Again… you won’t give resources back which were spend on these nerfed heroes because you don’t care… so just to save everyone’s time… stop refreshing heroes. It’s ridiculous, how people are meant to use the refreshed heroes if you just nerf them after few days, it’s just baiting to spend stamina and other resources which loses on value, forcing to spend more stamina because they lost a good hero.



What a spitting on everyone at PerBlue!

The rule was always to wait. Far too good = out of balance = have to be balanced again. Samm (and before Loutre and Nugget) said that about million times.


Although I agree that they said that, there has to be some testing done in the background to make sure the hero is not broken - this has been mentioned before.

It does seem however that the refreshes are not tested before going live… which causes the frustration that Musk mentioned



Good to know they don’t test anything, instead players do all that work.

Can we get paid now? :joy:


Totally agree. Perblue, u should realize how these decisions affect the players. Unacceptable.

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