Stop forcing creating new accounts after fresh installation

@Samm ,

Why game force creating new random account and go through all the tutorial then after all of that we can claim old accounts???

You know what happened after this?
The game sends me lot of notifications for every account even after deleting those auto created accounts !!!

We need this to stop, if new game installed there should be 2 options:

  1. Create new account, pick server for that account.
  2. Load old accounts

And stop sending me notifications for all deleted accounts or even all active accounts , why can’t I choose which account to receive notifications for?



My understanding is that if you have your account secured to one or more recovery options, you will not need to create a new account and go through the tutorial should you need to reinstall the game.

We can help you get rid of the extra accounts and explain some settings to disable certain notifications if you’d like to send in a support ticket through the game.


I did once sent support ticket, it worked for a while then returned back again suddenly

But it would be better to make notifications for deals and such as an option to be disabled by player

Why everything I need to do I have to contact support?

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We’re able to assist you from a support ticket. It gives us all of your account information that we need to address your issue while keeping that information private.


Thank you, actually they said they can’t help!!

My concern was, why don’t you add an option to switch off such notifications? Especially deals

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