Stop Randall

What are the beat way to stop Randall?

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Magica with Megavolt disc.

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Or Launchpad, Duke, and Meg.

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Joy neutralizes most of his damage.
Jafar makes him slower and more vunerable.
Peter Pan and Captain Hook can deal damage while being invincible. Especially Hook, as he counters close-range attacks.

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Randall’s white skill targets the opponent with the most hp so Hercules with his high hp and white skill that makes him invincible can make sure Randall doesn’t get past and hit your mid/back heroes.


I mainly use teams with Randall in myself. However, I have found that if you charm/stun him then you can take out the rest of the enemy team relatively quick and focus on him solely afterwards.

It really depends on what team he’s lined up with though as sometimes he might not be the problem, it’s someone supporting him (i.e. Animal or Meg etc…)

In the colesium I typically put meg and beast. At the Very least he will survive and win the round.

Freeze him.

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My main weapon against Randall is Elsa— especially with her red skill (since she immediately freezes the strongest enemy) I typically use her with Goofy, Hook, Rafiki and Violet.

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Hiro seems to be a decent counter too. Randall’s Scare Selection would easily target Megabot, since it’s likely to have the highest HP (especially if Hiro has the Darkwing disk equipped). This way, his counter would hit less characters.

Facilier does a good job of shutting him down

Who thinks Randall should be ixnayed from the game?

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It looks like some people didn’t notice that all new heroes have high HP. Hercules or bot won’t be any helpful. Elsa not always target Randall.
And once he use white and goes to backline and dodge attack he kills whole line. +400% damage boost is very helpful, to him.

…except Bot gets to have 1M HP even without the disk and mods. It can technically have the highest HP in game (except for Oogie maybe). That tactic works against Randall for me.

Scar Duke and jafar

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What does ixnayed mean

Look up ixnay on google… there is your answer! It means canceled or just removed from the game!!

No.thats too far.they could just lower Randall’s power

I am with you on booting Randall. He does not help any of my times nearly as much as a weaker one will wipe out my entire team on his own.

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