Stuck in Arena Gold III. Needing help

I am stuck in Arena, Gold III to be more specific. I was able to get quite far for a player like me. I was using a freeze team with Olaf, K&S, Elsa, Beast, and Rapunzel as my defense, with no friendship disks. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes it is not. It is now hard to stay in Gold III and I do not want to get demoted, if possible.

Additionally, I am trying to get back into Coliseum and need help with defense lines there.

Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks!

Please please please help me.

Whats Ur TL…Which Characters U have Upgraded a bit? Hows is your league, i mean screenshot your arena ,coli etc

Ok. I will send some screenshots. With Coli I am at the bottom (mostly cause of crashes) so it is not competitive.

I have wanted to know the condition that a team in Arena/Coliseum is nominated for demotion long before.
My team already continues losing over 3 months, but is never nominated for demotion(Platinum V). Therefore long inactivity, ex. not login over a month, may be the condition required to be demoted.
How do you think?

I forgot to note that the promotion timer is working.

As you know, once you rank-in top 5, the timer starts. Timer runs during your team is in top 5 and halts during outside top 5. You will be promoted when the timer counts 2 days. Do you feel the timer progress is too slow?

Turns out I should be ok for now, but I will use this topic if I get stuck again.

Use your best heroes and try to have a mix of heroes dealing fantastic and normal damage, disables and debuffs. (Use Elsa, Jafar, Hades, Moana, Mulan. The following is a example lineup)

The lineup I mentioned above needs Hades’s Meg disk and Jafar’s Scar disk and either of the disks for Moana.
The lineup has the following disables: Freeze, Blind, Stun, Charm. Debuffs include: Slow.
There is a mix of normal and fantastic damage dealers

Hope these are useful. And good luck in Arena and Coliseum!

Thanks! My problem is that I have trouble with disks because most of them are obtained when at high levels. I am only at TL 70, so most disks I can unlock are only for heroes are the ones that are like the starters. Does anyone know if there is a guide that shows what level and rank is needed for friendships for each hero?

Show me your list of heroes and I can tell u which ones u can unlock (or u can look at the locked friendship in “friend finder”)

Ok. I will send screenshots in a little bit.

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