Stuck in Gold 3. I’d like help

Hello! I’m stuck in Arena and would like help. Here are the opponents above me. Server 22 if it helps. And team level 53.

My current Arena team. All at level 53.
Purple 1
Jasmine-2 stars
Purple 0
Mickey Mouse-3 stars
Mulan-2 stars
Mushu-4 Stars
Powerline-2 stars
Purple 0
3 stars-Facilier, Timon and Pumbaa. Facilier at level 53, Timon and Pumbaa at level 50.
2 stars- Jafar, Woody. All at level 50 except for Jafar. (Level 51)
1 Star- Hewey Dewey and Louie, Calhoun, Scrooge Mcduck(All at level 50 except for Scrooge.) (Level 51)
Tell me if you need more details.

What about the Skills of these heroes?

Maxed out?

Yes, but for my main team only. Except for Mushu. Can send pictures if you need more details. Have enough XP drinks to level to max.

Yes, Screenshots would be good.

Actually, I figured out that some skills weren’t as leveled up as I thought. Mickey’s at max. Ask me if you need more info.

Jafar, Facilier, Timon and Pumbaa and Scrooge are really good! Work on them!

Mulan, Mushu and Powerline are great too.

Thanks! I’ll try them out.

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Wait, which of the Arena opponents would be the best for me to face with my lineup? Same lineup but Mushu’s at Purple 1 now. Thanks again!

Fight against Ivy or Sheriff Kingston.

But I’d take Ivy first.

Take down those that are weaker than u in power. They are likely to be easily defeated. If u do not succeed, I suggest you use heroes with disables. Jafar is a good choice and Power line too. Do u have Pooh? If u don’t unlock him and use him. If u already have him, upgrade his skills to the max. He is a lethal weapon. And so is the people I mentioned above

Thanks! I have Pooh.

Good! Use him!

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