Stuck in same coliseum for weeks

I have not been able to advance or beat my current coliseum members for weeks! They have 200,000 power more. Is there a problem because it use to split or something every often en


Yeah, I’m experiencing it too in coliseum. It would be nice if they could split it. I’m in Platinum I just one step away from Challenger

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I think both arena and coliseum can be unfair if you get stuck in a difficult one. It took me months to advance in arena from one of my groups because it had a lot of top players knocking each other out constantly… so I literally had to stay up late and get up early to advance.
once I advanced, I went up quickly. I also find it very uneven when I drop out of Challenger into the platinum 1 coliseum. Sometimes I’m WAY more powerful than everyone else and other times it’s more even.

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I’ve been stuck in the Coliseum for weeks because every time I try to fight an opponent the game crashes. Same with fighting in Guild Wars. The app always crashes. Anyone else have problems like this?

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