Subsidiaries with some nuts!

Alright 2024 bois -

Right then, we back and up for 2024 ya carps. Right so imma start with how recently I started to get back to my yearly Disney Magic Kingdoms game which is nice to get back to once in a while. So, I decided to go wild and spend $20 on a Finding Nemo chest pack and a Big Hero 6 chest pack. And lo and behold I discovered that the game is gonna have Ice Age on the next update with Sid, Manny, Diego, Scrat, and Baby Scrat coming into the roster of Disney Magic Kingdoms. Which is kind of weird and uncanny considering that I’ve Age isn’t really Walt Disney related. Well so are Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and all that stuff but eh y’know

Starting off, what do y’all think about all this subsidiary stuff and are ya gonna go for the Subzero Heroes and have them be part of the game? I think it’s a little excessive if ya ask me, I don’t know maybe probably Disney’s trying to stay relevant nowadays.

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