Suggestion for the new heroes

maybe they shouldn’t keep posting in the game these heroes of secondary characters like Little John they could post better heroes like lightning mqueen, Tiana, forky, phineas and ferb or others that are highly anticipated by many players it is not a claim or a request it is a suggestion only to improve the fun and quality of the game which in itself is one of the best out there!

Little John was a highly requested hero
And is by no means “secondary”

Now this is a secondary hero if I ever saw one
What exactly would forky’s skillset look like?
“Sab enemy” “cry” “jump in bin”

Confirmed that Cars cannot be added due to their size and limited skillset

Possibly being worked on, so just be patient


It’s really pointless to make a separate topic just to repost a comment you made in another topic.

If you genuinely want to request certain characters to be added, there’s an entire subcategory for those posts: Hero Wish List - Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


Responding to a comment that was simply trying to make certain pointers about your post in such a snobby and demeaning tone (and in another language) doesn’t help your position/argument any.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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