If you REALLY wanted to make some money, you should put some patch essence into a guild gifting event. I’m pretty sure you would have entire guilds worth of people willing to purchase that deal (and isn’t that kind of the idea).


A 10000 IQ idea there. But since Guild Gifts never scaled… and all we get is occasional SEVENTY Diamond Crates and TEN random Hero Chips, I sincerely doubt that will ever happen.

As said by Nugget: “Everything needs a Disney approval.”

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… but, like Numi said above, ALL guild gifts are terrible. None of them are worth even $0.50.

They should sell stamina, and if hero chips then for the newest heroes, and patch essence isn’t a bad idea if given in good amounts.

But guild gifts are dead, just like wish crate, codebase, and especially heist. Just ignore them, just like pb does for the previous +2 years.

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Red Skills are prolonging and prolonging… with reliable supply of red skill chips, but not a reliable supply of hero chips (unless… that hopeful Gold Crate “Buy More” thingy)

Megabits are IAPs only at this point… if anything, I´d have to see Codebase giving the worth of that deal in a month to be good… right now it gives 1/9th maybe 1/10th the amount

Guild Gifts were dead about 2-3 months in… because while it was okay-ish amount of crates to get back in the day, it´s now so low that I don´t even know how to count that…

Wish Crate… just like… why… from every other source around Wish Crate I get something more useful… its existance is unjustified now.

Heist… oh god, no. The holy grail of a lonely and thrown away child.

Invasion… same but at least people need to play it for some mod upgrades, which are given even more sparsely than most other resources mentioned above.

Prize Wall… 17+ months in, still no scaling and at certain point got just… worse. Yes it gives other resources but does not need to.

Sign-In and “Free” Battle Pass… Honestly, I thought that the Hero Quests of Prize Wall would be redirected here instead. Sign-In Rewards are “meant to suck (= be insignificant)” as said by Loutre and likely the Free part of Battle Pass is designed the same way.

“Premium” Battle Pass… would be nice purchase, but it just does too little for its worth. While just slightly above is a deal to get all heroes to R0 and spare. Or like… one close to Y23.

Trial Events… best iterations were “Stage 8 = 10 badge crates” and “Stage 8 = 4k stamina consumables”… I sincerely doubt that the current state of balance around all stages would keep people interested for a long time. May be wrong though.
My best guess would be that…
Stage 8 should have 7 badge crates + 2,000 stamina cons.
Stage 7 should have 4-5 badge crates + 1,750 stamina cons.
Stage 6 should have 3 badge crates + 1,600 stamina cons.
Stage 5 should have 2 BC + 1,500 stamina cons.
Stage 3 should have 1,250 stamina cons.
Stage 1 should have 1,000 stamina cons.

I know it´s meant to be “progressing”, but to be fair giving nothing to new players and motivate them to spend right on is uhm… well, I suppose the team is not meant to be too kind. I don´t know. :man_shrugging:

More money? I thought a suggestion that to enhance some rewards and those into them like invasion rewards lol

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