Suggestions for pink dot improvements

  1. If you have a hero or several with an active pink dot, have an option to sort them to the top of the list. They are very difficult to find if they are showing because of hero chips or friendship disks instead of badges, especially if you have most heroes.

  2. In campaigns and shops, if you need a badge (bit) for multiple heroes, keep the pink dot active until you don’t need it anymore. Conversely, if you have enough bits to create it as many times as needed, don’t show the pink dot on the finished version. This can help it be clearer what the most efficient raid routes are as well as giving more information about how to spend or save badge bazaar tokens.

  3. Remove pink dot from challengers arena/coliseum if you don’t have any keys and can only play open rounds with diamonds, or trials if they have only not done the codebase but have no yellow heroes.

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