Suggests friendships

Here write the friendships you want in the game

Vanellope & Finnick on Vanellope’s side. If this was done, the disk should make Vanellope’s attacks slow enemies down.

Not really good thread choice but…

Vanellope and Rex - Playing together in arcade.
Disk may give bonus to skill ‘Sharing is caring’ - more AOE and damage.

Sulley and Nick/Finnick - Boo will like one of foxes and calling them kitten.
Disk bonus - Each toy stun enemy for 2 second (each star +2sec) and conservation +10%.

Yax/JJ - Yax will try to control JJ powers using yoga skills.
Disk bonus - Active skill give also 100(each star +100) energy to all teammates and give him 20% chance to ingoring all negative effects (each star +20%).

Dash/Judy - Dash want to know to become a police and Judy teach him police skills.
Disk bonus - Dash has 10% chance to dodge incoming damage, Dash speed attack increase by 10%.

Nick/Mr. Inc - Nick is interest how humans live.
Disk bonus - Active skill does 15% more damage. Conservation +10%.

Violet/EVE - Violet write newspaper article about future problems of Earth and EVE help her.
Disk bonus - Active skill also remove 1 (each star +1) negative effect. While any ally is shielded this hero armor increase by 250 (each star +250).

Moana/Tia - Moana was looking for someone for sea adventure and Maui suggest Tia.
Bonus disk - Protect and love now also heal second hero for amount of 20%. Moana ignores charms with chance of 20%. Shield duration +20%.

Woody/Merida - “Princess guard” Woody help Merida back to her home, unfortunately they spot lots of creeps block all ways to Merida way to home.
Disk bonus: Woody’s lasso also catch second enemy, lasso now also charms enemies for 3(each star +1s) seconds. Duration of giddy-up increase by 1 second (each disk star +1s). Basic damage increase from 180.

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Most of those disks are really OP. Could you actually look at the abilities of heroes before trying to make disks for them? The ones that aren’t OP are really luck based which shouldn’t exist.

I really don’t think dis will fit but

Moana & Hiro. Idk, I just like seeing crossovers between two good movies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Moana wants to know what robotics are, so she ask Hiro for information about robotics

The disk Moana gets will be called “Robots on water” (it sounds a bit goofy :flushed:) it gives Moana the chance to dodge attacks.

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I feel there’s a missed opportunity in not having a friendship for Moana or Maui with Tia Dalma. I mean, given that she’s actually a sea goddess bound in human form, you’d think she’d get some special interaction with the girl beloved by the sea or a seafaring demigod

Jack jack disk on kevin flynn. - caretaker 2.0-

Jack jack crosses dimension to a virtual world.

Kevin flynn can dodge the first area of effect for three seconds. Fantastic or physical

Not to be rude but theres already a freindship thats exactly the same they just use different heroes its violet and dash

Judy/Violet, Judy teachs Violet how to believe in yourself and Violet teachs Judy how to be Invisible, (Camuflating)

I think it’s shocking there’s no friendship between Miguel and Jack Skellington. Seriously, Jack is a SKELETON that SINGS! If that isn’t a perfect friendship match up for a boy who loves music and has been to the land of the dead, I don’t know who is


Got a new friendship suggestion. Maui/Jack Sparrow

Maui hears about pirate Jack & some of his stories & Maui wonders how would he face challenges bigger then him. So Maui finds Jack & takes him on a adventure of a life time.

The disk Maui will get is call Adventure of a Lifetime. Take flight can now slow down enemies after being pushed.

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Jack Skellington/Elsa

Campaign: Winter Nightmare: Jack learns about Elsa’s ice powers and wants her to be part of a winter-themed Halloween.

Disk: Cold and Dark: Throws Ice Pumpkins that freezes enemies.

Nick Wilde/Elsa

Campaign: Anna is lost in the City, so Nick helps Elsa find her before the creeps do.

Disc: Frostbitten Pawpsicles: Basic attack and shuriken pop can freeze.

DL(Disc Level): Max HP and Basic Damage.

:star2: Nick’s basic attack and Shuriken pop now have an 8% chance of freezing enemies for 5 seconds. +8% per star.

I’ll add more to this later.

Friendship: Darkwing Duck and Gizmoduck
Campaign/DiskName: Crime-petition
Story: A heated rivalry between DW and Gizmoduck in order to see who can eliminate most of the City’s crime also ignites a Creep invasion in the City, testing their cooperation once again.
Disk’s Function: Knockout has a X% chance of pushing back a victim of this skill.

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Who is JJ?

JackJack parr

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