Sulley & Boo (Hero Refresh Concept)

Sulley & Boo (Hero Refresh Concept)


I know, I know. Sulley is a starter character and starter characters don’t get refreshes.

But I feel like he really, REALLY needs one. His attacks are very slow and don’t do much damage. So I took it upon myself to give Sulley & Boo a Hero Refresh Concept.

…Let’s skip to Skills because nothing about the description or stars needs to change.

White Skill:


Scaring Is Caring (Sulley roars, dealing 4153 damage to all enemies and Scaring them for 12 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic Damage always crit against Scared enemies.

The Scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level 53.

Added Buffs:

Deals 14153 damage.

Enemies now scared for 14 seconds.)

Green Skill:


Healing Laughter (Boo laughs, healing Sulley for 18146 HP. This skill also triggers at the end of every stage, in addition to during combat.

Added Buffs:

Heals 38146 HP.)

Blue Skill:


Toy Tantrum (Boo throws toys at the three closest enemies. Each toy does 4343 damage.

Added Buffs:

Each toy does 9343 damage.)

Purple Skill:


Scream Power (Sulley gains 291 Skill Power every time an enemy is Scared by anyone. This lasts until the end of the wave.

Sulley gains 50% of his Skill Power as armor.

Added Buffs:

Sulley gains 400 Skill Power.

75% Skill Power as armor.)

Red Skill:

(Picture Not Found.)

Scream Quota (For every 3 enemies that are scared by Sulley or his allies, Sulley gains 2 stack of hardy.

If Sulley heals over his or an ally’s max HP with healing laughter, that extra HP healed is converted to a shield that lasts 12 seconds.

This shield has a chance to fail on allies above level 121.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+118476 Max HP

+25410 armor

+93534 HP healed by “Healing Laughter”

Added Buffs:

Shield fails on allies above level 131.

Shield lasts 16 seconds.

Sulley gains 5 stack of Hardy.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Sulley & Boo and Woody

“Play Together”

Stat Boosts:

“Healing Laughter” Heals Allies for 25% of amount Sulley heals.

+525 Skill Power

Added Buffs:

Heals Allies 55%

+800 Skill Power


Sulley & Boo and Ralph

“Wreck and Repair”

Stat Boosts:

+328 Skill Power

Heals 219 HP when Sulley avoids a disable

20% chance to avoid a disable

Added Buffs:

+400 Skill Power

Heals 2219 HP when avoids disable

30% chance to avoid a disable.


Personally would all be for a sulley and boo refresh boost, same with jack jack

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