Support Hero Guide (PART 1)

How useful do I think she is? She’s ok. Most of the time, you’re better off just picking Woody.

Just how much power do I think she gives? A lot. A LOT. For example, lvl 125/O7 Jack Sparrow’s “Avast” will do 20k per shot. With Judy + 1 support, he will do 28k. With 2 supports, he will do 36k per shot! For every Support she has with her, she’s bestowing 9000+ Basic Damage for everyone, but it really all depends on how the battle unfolds. This kind of power is only available for the first 7 seconds after activating “Deputize”, is only available again for an even shorter 3 seconds whenever someone KO’s an enemy, and a measly 2 seconds after she revives AND maybe still has allies left to take advantage of it.

What I’m saying is, because this power is only available in occasional short bursts throughout the fight, it’s no wonder we won’t notice it all the time because that power is not actually there all the time.


Ok, thanks for the input! I appreciate it. Shhe is one of my top heroes so yah, hoping she gets a refresh eventually :grin:

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Meg is also great with Sulley to help make up for his lack of Armor.


I didn’t want to mention too many heroes she can pair up with. Instead I just wanted to highlight key heroes that can either provide her some protection like Herc, or can make a remarkable combination with her like Genie.

I’d be writing forever if I wrote about all her potential links! She’s just that good, and we all know it too.


Updated: added Mickey’s overview and also added that Alice can work well with Mad Hatter and Finnick.


Updated: added Miguel’s overview.


Awesome guide! I would love to see your thoughts on all heroes eventually, so keep it up.
Though, I thought that Mickey doesn’t increase execution threshold? I can’t remember which post it was, but it only raises the damage, and not the activation threshold.

The part about Mickey boosting Shark Bite is incorrect. Maui would deal 50% more damage with Tooned Up, but it would be useless.

Example: Tooned Up increases Shark Bite’s Damage from 10000 to 15000, but the skill would only activate when an enemy is below 10000 health, making it useless. Same for QoH. Her blue skill simply states enemies below X health instantly die.
I know Tooned Up increases the amount that Stitch heals with 626 Scuffle, since the amount he heals is directly based on the amount of damage he deals ,(which is increased by Tooned Up) but not with Alms for the Poor, as those 2 numbers are separate. The damage will increase, but not the healing, as that is a separate number based on Skill Power and just happens to be the exact same amount as th e damage dealt with Alms for the Poor.

Hope that helps!

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Who’s next? Rafiki?

Update: Rafiki’s overview has been added.


Well, if that’s the case, then it seems a revision is in order. I’ll do some thorough testing and make changes accordingly. The last thing we want is giving players the wrong info!


I find Gaston(Ca) a very good combo with rafiki. Gaston’s Damage boost from cal disk and his powerful double hit basic attacks can significantly increase the effect of “The past hurts”. Once he gets the BD bonus he just goes on a killing spree.

Well, it’s not bad, just not amazing. The extra damage can still be useful in case the target receives a last minute shield or heal, which could prevent them from dying. Still, the synergy is minimal.

Does Rafiki’s White removes Debuffs? If not, wouldn’t Ursula be a decent counter as well? Her Hex and energy steal delays Rafiki White tremendously, and her knockback can potentially interrupt his positioning.

Violet Is next,then Woody, and then Yax

Updated: Removed that part where it said Mickey is a good partner for Maui because as it turns out, Mickey’s “Team Cheer” does NOT increase the threshold of Maui’s “Shark Bite”. Huge thanks to @Paperlucky and @rookie652 for bringing this to my attention! So it turns out I’ve been pairing those two very pointlessly all these months :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Also updated was Miguel’s “Team Options”. As it turns out, Miguel CAN in fact give Maui a bigger bite threshold because of his Sharp Notes. As long as Maui has a Sharp Note, Miguel is giving him more Skill Power and therefore more bite force!


Does it remove Debuffs? No, Healing Breath will only prevent all negative effects if it’s already activated. Otherwise, Rafiki cannot use it if he is stunned/frozen, etc.

So is Ursula a decent counter? I thought about and… sort of, not really? On paper, sure she can deny Rafiki from using his heals and can even stun him in the process. But in practice, it gets weird. What tends to happen is that Rafiki gets full energy sooner than Ursula does (because he’s in the frontline), which causes him to activate Healing Breath sooner. Because Healing Breath lasts a long time, Ursula consequently uses “Poor, Unfortunate Souls” on everyone while Rafiki is still in the middle of meditation! While everyone else may get stunned, Rafiki will continue to heal them completely unfazed by Ursula. In other words, if Ursula cannot consistently give Rafiki trouble, then she’s not a big deal to him.


Just wondering. How much energy does Rafiki get in comparison to his teammates.
I was just thinking if Rafiki is the only front ally (and no one else on his team has skills to gain energy) would Ursula target Rafiki with her Green? It’s only 250 energy, but is that enough to ensure Ursula gets her active before Rafiki? (Also, is it reasonable to assume her Tia disk will help her get her active off first in a standard army?)

Maybe add that Rafiki can also be paired with Miguel since Miguel is a great healing hero that depends on his basic damage to heal allies

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Rafiki buffs the ally with the highest basic attack, and most of the time, that means someone else who isn’t Miguel because Miguel actually has one of the lowest lowest Basic Attack stats in the game (lowest is Joy).

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