Surge: Secondary Timer Function, please!


These types of messages occur way too often in many guilds.
Not only that, but it does cripple the co-ordination and creates unnecessary
tension between guildmates. Especially when many players either

A: Doesn’t read.
B: Doesn’t know how to press translate.
C: Doesn’t care. It’s ”me first”.


Add a secondary applicable Surge settings option which would apply a
timer function to the Surge map.

When a player taps a district, make the chosen district unavailable for
attack during a set time (XX seconds) to prevent it to be ”stolen”
during the time which the player is choosing their character line-up.

If the players attack fails to clear the district, set a timer of XX
seconds to prevent anyone from clearing it before the player has
chosen the district again.


This doesn’t CRIPPLE coordination. This is DUE TO LACK OF coordination.


The thing depends on a guild. If people there often chat, read rules and discuss problems, the problem will be solved.

We have a simple guild rule that’s worked for 300 days and counting - Don’t attack a partially cleared zone for 5 mins. We had the occasional hiccup when we first introduced the rule but honestly we don’t have any issues with this at all.


Dis make me feel bad 4 the weaker players. :pensive:

So, while it works for you it doesn’t work for others. How would my suggestion hinder anyone?

Also how does anyone know when it was attacked last. Not everyone is online 24/7 to watch over spaces.

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Again, how would the timer hinder anyone?

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I agree with you foxhound we have a the same rule as emitz guild but doesn’t stop it happening then arguments breaking out

You can always know who and when attacked in the Surge and which characters they used, just check the Surge attack notes, or how they are called, in the Surge menu.

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It shouldn’t be a big problem for people to follow the rule. We still have people that attack by accident but no one really makes much of a fuss as it is rare.
If you introduce the rule, make a guild wall post about it and post it in guild chat a few times throughout the day so everyone has a chance to be informed. If, after a day or two, you find a few people still doing it repetitively - you can warn and ultimately replace them if they continue.
Capping surge attacks is another way to deal with it. If people are limited with attacks they wont want to clear a partially cleared zone as it gives less gold than a fresh one - so they are kinda encouraged to clear the hardest zones possible.

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Exactly same method we use. Limit to 7 zone and “5 minute rule” before attacking a zone to give the first player on hit to think about team if he lost on 1st try. No one wants “half zones” so i also check everytime all falied attack to see if someone try to be “smart” moving to toner zones when hit one. We have rule “you hit you close” and you can only change zone if you fail your attack without k.o. any enemy… that case u can move to another by saying “zone xx is free” in guild chat. That also prevents people from damaging multiple zones without clogin to farm more gold

With my suggestion, you wouldn’t even need this type of ”rule”. It’s like people don’t want any help to get things done easier. I don’t get it. Would benefit the whole community. Especially those who have global guilds with multiple nationalities in them.


With my solution, you would not need this type of ”rule” system in the guild. Just play the game! It’s not available to attack? Pick another one or wait the timer out. Simple as that. Don’t understand why the game should be more complicated than it already is.

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Welcome to Forums! Maybe you could have met up on a better topic so you feel more welcome but…:sweat_smile:

As a rather weak player in my guild, I can only clear two or three districts most of the time. When someone steals my district, I just attempt another one.

Your problem sounds like it happens because of one or both of these:

  1. Too many immature/greedy members

  2. Too many people who do not know what they are doing.

  3. People with multiple languages.

As for the third option, you are gonna have these problems with a guild like that.

The first one is a bit more technical.

The second only requires some explaining.

Also, easier is better huh?

It isnt anymore complicated than it already is cuz it already is like this :wink:

In the movie Walle, we saw what happened when things got too easy.

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If you don’t want a function like that, fine! I have played this game
for long over 200 days and this is a problem that has surfaced
during this whole time. People leaving, arguing.

At least they could implement the CHOICE to have a timer if it is
needed in situations like mine and many others, who hasn’t been
able to voice their opinion or doesn’t know how to.

Again there has not been a single argument against it, except yours,
which isn’t even fair, only because you seem to have a ”perfect guild”
with small or non existant language barriers or misshaps in general.

A timer in Surge (OR an optional Timer) alone would not make the
whole game like you described by over-exaggerating a ”Wall-e”
type of situation.

My suggestion is clear. It would help! Implement it as a
secondary feature for non elitist guilds with perfect language
co-ordination skills. Because, let’s get real - the vast majority
of the guilds does not look like that.

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I really like this suggestion, especially for the reasons you mentioned Foxhound.
Hope that it will be looked into it and get fulfilled.


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I agree with Fox Hound too. Sometimes I see some districts left unfinished after some fight and I always wonder, if whoever attacked it, still want to finish it or not

So yeah, this is a nice suggestion :slight_smile:


I kind of like the idea of this but not entirely.

While I can understand the idea of wanting to finish off a fight, I would much rather just see that the moment you click on a district to configure your lineup, and weigh which merc to hire, the district should be RED like it’s already under attack and cannot be stolen out from under you. Especially in smaller guilds where power and mercs are very limited, these are make-or-break situations.

With respect to a possible timer, I would say that configuring your lineup should have a timer, so you can’t just sit on it forever.

Once you either lose the fight or abandon your lineup configuration or time out your lineup configuration I think the district is fair game.


And I just thought of it, if you lose a district fight, maybe you get two buttons: “fight again” or “return to map”

Choosing the “fight again” option would still show two separate flights in the attack log but would not release the district from it’s red status and would not be able to be fought by anyone else.


Great stuff! Thanks for keeping this thread alive. Hope they are going to notice this and implement these suggestions in some form!

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