Surprise Concept #2

Who could it be???

Mystery Concept

Uncle Sabu
:star: Back-line Damage
Team: Red

“Yes, it’s quite a trek isn’t it. It used to be very inconvenient for me. Then I built my factory right here, and now it’s inconvenient for everyone else.”

The owner of a rubber band and rubber ball factory, Uncle Sabu uses his rubber bands made with super special density


Entrance: Walks in cheerfully

Victory: Raises his arms

Defeat: Looks sad


Basic Attack: Flings a rubber band at an enemy

White Skill: Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Passive: Uncle Sabu’s basic attacks apply one stack of “rubber” to himself. Uncle Sabu can have a maximum of 10 stacks of “rubber” which he carries form wave to wave.

Active: A giant rubber ball bounces on the enemy team, dealing X Damage to all enemies plus Y Damage per stack of Rubber. This consumes all stacks of “rubber” on Uncle Sabu.

Green Skill: Stretch Testing


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, a group of dancers stretching rubber bands walk through the battlefield, dealing X Damage to all enemies and applying one stack of “rubber” to all heroes.

Blue Skill: Recoil Test


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
A dancer stretches down from the sky on a rubber and lands on an enemy, dealing X Damage and stealing up to two buffs from the target and giving it to Uncle Sabu. Uncle Sabu also gains one stack of “rubber”.

Purple Skill: Super Special Density


Uncle Sabu and allies have their Attack and Movement speed increases by 10% per stack of “rubber” on them.

This is less effective on allies above level X.

Red Skill: A Terrible Inconvenience


Enemies deal X less damage to heroes per stack of “rubber” they have. Enemies damages by Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls have their active buffs removed and are stunned for 7 seconds.

+X Basic Damage
+Y Tenacity
+Z Max HP


Uncle Sabu and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker
Campaign: A Clone Too Short
Disk: Broken Beaker - Allies gain X Basic Damage per stack of “rubber” on Uncle Sabu plus Y Basic Damage per star.
+X Skill Power
Description: Uncle Sabu is needs more workers for his factory, so he uses the clones of Beaker.
Allies: Hercules, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, Nick Wilde

Uncle Sabu and Launchpad McQuack
Campaign: Bouncing Around The City
Disk: Rubber Propellor - Uncle Sabu and allies gain X Armor and Y Reality per stack of “rubber” on Uncle Sabu plus X and Y Armor and Reality per star.
+X Armor
Description: Launchpad’s plane lost its wings and he decides to use a rubber ball to make it across the city.
Allies: Dash, Quorra, Finnick

More Information 

For those of you who don’t know, he is from the Phineas and Ferb episode: Summer Belongs To You. If you want to hear his song, click here

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Feedback is appreciated

What show/movie is he from

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Phineas and ferb

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Ohh yeah baljets family

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