Suzushieo Rail Romaneque Unlikely heroes concept

Hi everyone today we talking about a Suzushiro from Rail Romaneque.




Description: Manoka railroad’s C12 67 Raillord and helping a allies with a support.

Quote:“Now Then, let us raise the curtain on a new stage.”


Entrance: Walk to positive and brushes her dress.

Victory: Suzushio Surprise while everyone cheer.

Defeat: Suzushio pull out a head, while she worries and sad.

Basic Attack: Shoot arm enemies with a pistol.

Skills Animation

White Skills :white_circle:
“Wisely Call”

Passive: Ever basic attack, Suzushio cheers all allies heal for 30% fo their Max Hp. While lowest for Max Hp.

Active: Suzushio wisely all allies “Tooned up” an allies healing by 50% Max Hp and gains 100% for basic Damage. Suzushio and allies also gains shield 100% Hp for 10.0 second

Suzushio gains Skills power by 100% for ever basic attack.

Green Skills :green_circle:
“Song Energy”

Suzushio Song the ally with a least energy, granting them 500 Energy and gains Energize by 200 for 10 second.

Blue Skills :large_blue_circle:
“Slice Cake” ( Fantastic Damage )

Suzushio throw a Slice cake at further enemy, Splash a Valinda cream on that enemy and any others near them, Enemies hit take x damage and have their Attack and Movement attack Speed reduce by 85% for 10.0 second.

Purple Skills :purple_circle:
“New Trains”

Suzushio and allies with “Tooned up” increase Attack and Movement attack by 200% for 10.0 second.

After Suzushio uses “Slice Cake” also heal x herself and gains 10 stack of hardy while splash with “Slice Cake”.

Red Skills :red_circle:
“The New Collection”

Suzushio and allies with “Tooned up” now gains Armor and Reality x and gains 2 stack of hardy for each heal.

“Slice Cake” Now Split all enemies, deals x damage and apply 3 stack of Fatigue for 10.0 second.

While enemies stealing Energy an allies by 0% Energy, immediately use “Song Energy” all allies lowest energy and gains 1000 energy.

X. Armor
X. Skills Power
X. More Heal from “Tooned up” for “Wisely Call”

Friendship Disk

1.Suzushio and Scrooge McDuck
Disk Name: The Bank Trains
Disk Effect: “Song Energy” at Reflect
Other Effect:

1.While Suzushio and allies use a “Song Energy” gains reflect for 5 second.

2.X Max Hp
3.X Skills Power
4.X Energy Regen for “Song Energy”

Campaign: Scrooge McDuck pull on a train, Scrooge ready to go, Suzushio hope on, and let’s go a Tokyo city.

Allies: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Hercules, Ron Unstoppable

2.Suzushio and Mickey Mouse
Disk Name: The Disney Trains
Disk Effect: More “Tooned up” Heal
Other Effect:

1.Suzushio and allies from “Tooned up” now bonus 50% Max Hp for Regen Heal. ( x% Star level )

2.X Gains Allies Basic damage while “Tooned up”
3.X Gains Allies Skills Power While “Tooned up”
4.X Gains Allies Tenacity While “Tooned up”
5.X Gains Allies Evasion While “Tooned up”

Campaign: Suzushio and Mickey Mouse get everything on broad with a trains, let’s find a other friends.

Allies: Goofy, Donald Duck, Pete,

I hope like my heroes concept!

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Interesting concept! I love this

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Oh thanks you.


That great my heroes concept and skills.

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