Suzy Johnson Hero Concept

Suzy Johnson
Phineas and Ferb

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Stats and Information

Role - Control

Trial Team - Red

Position - Back

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Bubble”

Bio - The evil Johnson girl has arrived in the city. Luckily for our heroes, Suzy hates the creeps almost as much as she hates Candace.


Entrance - Suzy walks into battle with her backpack and smiles, creepily

Victory - Suzy laughs maniacally

Defeat - Suzy pouts

Basic Attack - Suzy scowls at enemies


White Skill - Fetch (Fantastic Damage)
Passive : When Suzy reduces an enemies movement and attack speed she increases her own movement and attack speed by the same amount for the same duration. If Suzy slows multiple enemies with the same skill she only gains the speed increase from one of the enemies.

Active : Suzy’s poodle runs through enemies dealing x damage 5 times to all enemies. Suzy applies shatter to all slowed enemies for 8 seconds. Enemies who aren’t slowed are dealt 5 stacks of weakness for 12 seconds, 8 stacks of fatigue, limit for 12 seconds, and have their movement and attack speed decreased by 50% for 15 seconds.

Green Skill- Sprinkler Shower
Suzy turns on her garden sprinklers and douses all enemies stealing up to 5 buffs from each enemy and reducing all enemies movement and attack speed by 125%. Suzy also increases her own attack and movement speed by 3% for each buff she steals with this skill.
The attack and movement speed increase has a chance to fail if Suzy is above level x.

Blue Skill - Naughty to Nice
Suzy acts adorable charming all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Charmed enemies have their movement and attack speed increased to the same amount as Suzy’s for the duration of the charm. Charmed enemies also deal 75% more damage with their attacks and skills. When the enemies lose their charm, Suzy stuns them for 6 seconds and applies limit to them for 12 seconds.
The stun has a chance to fail on enemies above level x

Purple Skill - She Gives Me The Willies
Suzy’s basic attack reduces the targeted enemies attack and movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds. Suzy heals x and gains 3 stacks of hardy each time she slows and enemy this way.

Red Skill - Little Suzy Johnson
Enemies shattered or pierced by any source while Suzy is in battle have their movement and attack speed slowed by 150% for the duration of the pierce or shatter.

"Naughty To Nice" applies a random disable for 12 seconds to all enemies who aren’t charmed.

If Suzy’s attack or movement speed is above 175% she becomes berserk.

  • x skill power
  • x evasion
  • x damage dealt on "Fetch"


Suzy and Yzma
Name - Benefits of Being Evil

Description- Tanks have armor and reality decreased


  • Tank enemies have their armor and reality decreased by x% for the duration of the wave


  • +x Max hp
  • +x reality to Suzy and allies

Suzy and Slinky Dog
Name - Puppy!

Description - "Fetch" steals energy


  • Suzy now steals x energy from each enemy when she uses "Fetch"


  • Enemies lose x reality when slowed
  • +x basic damage

This is my submission for the Summer Concept Contest. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for submitting!

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