Swedish Chef and Linguini friend campaign

Has anyone ever completed this one? I’m currently stuck on the first wave of level 5-4, as my Pooh Bear keeps getting one-shotted, my Pleakly gets charmed and kills Linguini - before dying himself, and my Swedish Chef doesn’t last much longer either. How can I prevent this?

My Pooh Bear is at level 105 Orange +2, Pleakly at 105 Purple +4, and both chefs are at 180 Red +2. I haven’t unlocked Linguini’s red skill, but I think my Swedish Chef’s is at 10 or so.

Rank them up. Specifically Chef and Pleakley

Well, that didn’t seem to help much at first, (the allies were still getting charmed and killed) but on one attempt I was finally able to kill the cubs and complete the level with the Chef going solo. Of course, reaching team level 185 may have played a part in it too.

Also, thank goodness I got Colette back for the next chapter. She’s been a much more helpful ally than Pooh Bear.

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