Sweet pete concept chip and dale rescue rangers


“Goodbye chip and dale.”
Red team (since he is just Peter Pan but older)

Sweet Pete, crime boss, and bootleg master. Has come to the city to beat the creeps for bootleg stuff.

Stars 2

Backline damage

Entrance: Sweet pete walks into the fight then snaps his hands to bring his henchmen Bob and jimmy
Victory: With his henchman: sweet Pete laughs while jimmy does a Mario cheer and Bob raises axe like he is happy because he won. Without henchman
Defeat: Jimmy turns into a fairy and flies away and Bob runs when seeing police car then sweet Pete turns into frankenpete. When frankenpete is defeated a bell falls on him (or at least that is what I remember from the movie)
Basic attack: Jimmy does the punches which is worth 120% or sweet Pete’s basic attack but 40% slower than average hero attack speed. Bob has 90% attack as sweet Pete and has 160% more attack speed then average hero and hits up to 3 enemies at once. Sweet Pete in final form shoots from the cannon.

White skill Bootlegging

Passive: Instead of a basic attack sweet Pete laughs in his chair stunning all enemies for 2 seconds and gaining 100 energy and his henchmen Bob and jimmy attack for him. When sweet pete and all his henchman fall to 0 hp he resurrects as sweet Pete once per battle and gain 55% more of all his stats including attack speed.


Normal: Sweet pete summons 3 bootlegs which act the same as a normal orange + 1 level 15 mr incredibles with x hp and armor and reality and basic damage = to 80% of sweet Pete’s basic damage and 350% of sweet Pete’s fantastic crit.

As final form: Sweet pete fires a mega Laser blast dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies + 8% of his max health as true damage for every 2 stacks of weakness in total on them.

Green skill flying bedroom boy

Sweet Pete in normal form throws a copy of his first bootleg movie inflicting 1 stack of weakness on all enemies for the rest of the wave and these stacks of weaknesss can’t be removed or cleansed or have effects reduced in any way.

In final form sweet pete does a maniacal laugh stealing a buff from each enemy for each stack of weakness on it then sweet pete inflicts 4 stacks of weakness for 30 seconds on a random enemy.

Blue skill Bootleg ray: Sweet pete zaps an enemy of choice at the start of the wave turning that enemy into a bootleg with only 33% stats and 35% more attack speed. Then sweet pete gains a shield with x hp for 20 seconds.

Purple skill Time for a reboot: whenever sweet pete summons a bootleg each bootleg has an x% chance to be a copy of the strongest enemy but with only 25% stats but 4x stats regarding crit related stuff. Sweet Pete’s henchman has x more max health and armor and when they crit they inflict the enemy they critTed on with 1 stack of weakness for 12 seconds.

Red skill leader of the valley gang: Bootlegging’s laser blast also knocks enemyies back and stuns them for 6 seconds.

Sweet pete has 10% more armor, reality, and max health for every stack of weakness on the battlefield.

Flying bedroom boy also scares the front most 2 enemies fir 6 seconds and inflicts 10 stacks of fatigue.

The knock back and scare and stacks of fatigue has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship with Peter Pan: Did somebody say identity crisis and paradoxes that is correct and they don’t really interact it is just Hiro’s insane theory that they interacting could combine them into an evil deity with both the traits of them. So Hiro asks them questions to define their differences.

Disk: subject pete: sweet pete starts with 15 stacks of hardy.

Friendship with pete: It is a brawl between Petes who will be the top pete in a battle of the Pete’s in a big pete pit where sweet pete and “pete” pete fight in the battle of the Petes to determine who is the real pete.
Disk: The top pete in petertown: sweet pete is immune to being charmed.

This also represents my watchoversary to celebrate my first watching of this movie 1 week ago yay​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Is he Peter Pan? Or is he the in-universe actor that played Peter Pan?

In universe actor who played Peter Pan


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