System is annoying


I found a screenshot from Someone and I seen system before. And you guys such as @Polaris, I hope you get your agents to ban anyone and silence them permanently before they start spamming. Don’t give them a temporary. Give them permanent. Because they do it over and over in accounts.


Can you just block and report him? It’s simple as that. And, don’t follow the link, if you do, you’re dumber than the guy manning the system.

He’s literally a system that spams, he’s not just a guy that copy-pastes the links.

Oh, and Silences affects accounts only, not the over-all device or IP. That’s why Silences are ineffective.


Yes, please block and report. This is not a single account, but someone creating new accounts over and over again. Each time we take action to block the person, they adjust. We’re looking at other solutions, but the best thing you can do now is block and report.


Glad he aint on our server anymore. Musta got bored :grin:


Yeah, we can block and report but he’ll still do it!