Take over the world!(pinky and the brain unlikely concept)

Pinky and the brain

Two lab mice,pinky and the brain defeat there enemies by taking over the battlefield.

Quote: pinky are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Role: damage

Stars: :star2::star2::star2:

Position: front

Trial: red


Entrance: a cage appears and the duo walk outside the cage to there position.

Victory: pinky does a dance

Defeat: Brain’s tail catches on fire while pinky laugh’s

Basic attack: brain whacks a enemy with his pen


White skill: world domination

Fantastic damage :sparkles:
Pinky and the brain will shoot the the enemy team with there magnet invention this deals x damage to all enemies and stuns them for 7 seconds.

Green skill: sky chickens

Fantastic damage :sparkles:
A few chickens will fly across the screen this deals x damage and knock back.

Blue skill: it’s easy to explain

A chalkboard will appear and brain will write on it this scans the closest enemy for 6 seconds.
The scan has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Purple skill: NARF!

Pinky an the brain gain skill power and reality each time they deal knock back.

Red skill: taking over the world

Fantastic damage :sparkles:
Pinky and the brain remove armor x armor each time a enemy is stunned,world domination also deals a additional damage to invisible enemies.

Additional stat boost

  • X max HP
  • X max basic damage
  • X mas damage to world domination


Pinky and the brain/ Mickey mouse

Campaign: laboratory mouse

Memories: invention collection

  • X max evasion
  • X damage go with chickens
  • Pinky and the brain gain a shield with x HP every time they scan or deal knock back.

Allies: Donald duck,Judy hopps, baymax

Pinky and the brain / yzma

Campaign: proving what’s wrong

Memories: evil sidekicks

  • X max skill power
  • X max reality
  • Sky chickens now stuns for 6 seconds.

Allies: disgust,Nick Wilde,chief bogo

Hope you enjoyed!


With the new reboot released I decided to make a concept on one of the my favorite characters from the show

Cool concept (I was gonna do one) also have you watched the reboot, is it any good?

It’s pretty good did only thing I didn’t like was that some of the older characters weren’t included

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If you talking about the characters from the show that weren’t the Warner’s and the mice they are in an episode for a bit, I watched a clip on YouTube

I was talking about these guys

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Yeah they are in the show (but not for a lot of it I think🤔 )

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Also I’ve noticed a few cartoon cameos in the show such as yogi bear and chicken hawk

And a DuckTales cameo :eyes:

I thinks so…where are we going to get a lot of stuff ponies?

the brain faceplams

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It’s like my concept on the main stars of the show.

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