Defender momo's cup of concepts 2.0

here is a list of all my concepts so far!


Bing bong inside out

Swampy where’s my water?

Benjamin clawhauser zootopia

The abominable snowman monsters Inc.

Tick tock Peter pan


Cruella de vil 101 Dalmatians

Pinocchio Pinocchio

Mr toad the adventures of Ichabod and Mr toad.

Lightning McQueen cars

Big bad wolf the three little pigs

Kanga and roo Winnie the Pooh

A dangerous duo darkwing duck

Negaduck darkwing duck

Keyblade welder-unlikely hero concept

Roger rabbit who framed Roger rabbit?

Shere khan the jungle book

Pinky and the brain animanamics


Bambi Bambi

Kermit the frog the muppets

Wander and Sylvia wander over yonder

reluctant dragon the reluctant dragon

Allie where’s my water?

Rabbit Winnie the Pooh


Shego Kim possible

Sparky lilo and stitch the series

Abu Aladdin

The skeletons the skeleton dance

Phineas and ferb phineas and ferb

Pikachu Pokemon (unlikely)

Pain and panic Hercules

Kevin, Stuart and bob despicable me

The grinch how the grinch stole Christmas

White rabbit Alice in wonderland


Captain underpants




Frosty the snowman


Jaq and gus

Shenzai benzai and ed

Rudolph the red noise reindeer

Mr.potato head



Do The Heavy (Team Fortress 2)

Sure thing!

I’ll do him on Tuesday

Where is the Jessica link?

Ever since Amelia got in I was wondering about doing a John sliver concept and Jim Hawkins but I’m not really feeling it

New character concept coming on Sunday…Or Monday
Guess where he’s from

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The toontown game maybe?

Correct! Recently played toontown rewritten so I wanted to make a concept in him


Added a few new skill icons to chicken little, dumbo,Perry the platypus and wander & Sylvia

Sad news:

I have cancelled the bill Nye and the banana concept since I find it not fun to make bug here’s who I’m replacing them with

Jim crow


After the Allie concept I will be open to request for a while!

I am now taking request! Request any Disney character you want me to make!

  • Goaslyn and honker
  • Gruffi gummi
  • Nigel
  • Elliott the dragon
  • The reluctant dragon
  • Kanga and roo
  • Bolt

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Any suggestions for the kanga and roo concept name I’m having trouble thinking of a title

Is this a good image for goaslyn and honker?

I am taking request for a short period of time

The Heavy, Pikachu, and The Mask.

I’ll do pikachu

Hey @bunny_cat have you seen my pikachu concept yet?

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