Tamatoa Hero Concept


Stats and Information

Role - Control

Trial Team - Yellow

Position - Front

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “I’m beautiful baby”

Bio - This treasure seeking crab has entered the city and he’s ready to take all the riches it holds. He’ll use his treasure and his claw to destroy creeps along the way.


Entrance - Tamatoa’s shell is seen on the battlefield. He then rises up from the ground

Victory - Tamatoa turns Bioluminescent

Defeat - Tamatoa gets stuck on his back

Basic Attack - Tamatoa crushes nearby enemies with his claw


White Skill- Fish Dinner (Normal Damage)
Passive: Tamatoa’s armor is so strong he’s immune to normal damage

Active : Tamatoa snaps his claw causing a barrage of fish to fall from the sky dealing x damage to all enemies. Tamatoa reduces all enemies movement and attack speed by 125% for 12 seconds, steals all active buffs from enemies, and saps all enemies for 12 seconds.

Green Skill - Shiny (Normal Damage)
Tamatoa spins blinding all enemies for 13 seconds. He also increases his attack speed by 95% for the same duration. Every time an enemy misses an attack or skill they are dealt x damage.

Blue Skill - Finger Food
Tamatoa picks up the closest enemy with his claw snaring them for 12 seconds. Tamatoa steals all buffs from this enemy and applies them to himself. Tamatoa heals x for each buff he steals. Tamatoa’s basic attack applies pierce to the snared ally for 3 seconds.

Purple Skill - Sea Food
Tamatoa heals to 95% of his max hp when he uses "Fish Dinner". He also increases his skill power x and reality x when he uses "Fish Dinner"

Red Skill - Drab Little Crab (Normal Damage)
If Tamatoa has over 5 debuffs on him he cleanses himself and applies limit or a random disable to all enemies for 11 seconds. If Tamatoa cleanses himself this way at least 2 times he heals to his max hp and becomes berserk for 12 seconds.

Enemies with over 5 debuffs are dealt x damage every second for each second they have over 5 debuffs.

  • x Max hp
  • x reality
  • x damage dealt on “Fish Dinner


Tamatoa and Ariel
Name - The Very Little Mermaid

Description - Allies heals when debuffed


  • Tamatoa’s allies heal x each time they are dealt a debuff

  • If one of Tamatoa’s allies is already at max hp they gain 5 stacks of hardy instead


  • +x Max hp for allies
  • +x skill power for allies
  • +x reality for allies

Tamatoa and Scar
Name - Family in the Way

Description - Tamatoa heals when allies defeated


  • If one of Tamatoa’s allies is defeated Tamatoa heals x and cleanses himself

  • If Tamatoa has already been defeated when one of his allies is defeated he revives himself and heals to 85% of his max hp. Tamatoa can do this twice per wave


  • +x basic damage
  • +x Normal crit
  • +x reality

This concept was requested by @Morsat.


Looks amazing! :+1:


I love it!

This is great! I always love reading your concepts because they are always so realistic!!

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